Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ah, ultimatums

Do you remember this post?

Well, turns out I can't get theatre out of my blood that easily. I am still firm in my resolve to further my professional writing - I have a list of local and international magazines and publications I plan to submit to this year, if only to get critique. However, my constant whining about missing acting resulted in my boyfriend and a couple of good friends saying to me, "Look, you obviously still love theatre. Don't cut yourself off cold turkey!" Armed with this wisdom, I will be auditioning for a role in a production of another university, which a friend of mine is directing. They have several prior cast/crew from other unis, so it's not as blasphemous as it sounds! It's a pantomime, so hilarity is expected, and it's a lot more laid-back than traditional theatre because it retains a huge element of spontaneity. I may only get a minor role (actually, that would probably be better for me considering travel time + studies = bleh), but it'll still be fun.

I'm pretty excited about going back to uni. I got my textbooks a few days ago and they look very interesting. I also bought a new uni bag which I must take photos of because it is SO beautiful, and as it's made of industrial seatbelt webbing, will hopefully last longer than the backpacks I've been buying! After three semesters I've broken, well, three of the suckers.

This week will be pretty busy getting used to my new schedule, and I do have some catching-up and birthday parties happening too. I did manage to snag a BYS palette to compare to my Sleek stash - I will try and do that post sometime in the next few weeks. The results should be interesting. I should also be able to get back all of the comics I've lent out, and finish up the review of Chew (which just won an Eisner for 'best new series', congrats!) and Changing Ways. Blog updates will definitely not be as frequent as they have been, at least for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, visit Starkid Productions, the American college kids who have taken the internet and global theatre communities by storm. They have produced two totally awesome musical parodies of Harry Potter, and one original musical coming-of-age comedy. They are a really talented, inspiring bunch and I have their songs stuck in my head all the time!

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  1. Break a leg, and enjoy diving back into your studies! In about a month I'll be doing the same thing (back to class and involved in various plays) and I cant wait. :-)

  2. Thanks Debbie! Yeah it was pretty exciting being able to audition :) I think it went well.


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