Thursday, July 8, 2010

JulNoWriMo day 7 + LOTD + er, stuff

Write-in, day 7.
Location: Il Cibo, Fremantle
Il Cibo gets ****/***** as a write-in location. I would have given them a higher score if they'd had more power points! They had good music (if a little distracting to a few of our group members), great coffee, good food and really nice staff. I'd definitely go back for a non-write-in meeting.
Attendees: 5 (including me). Two of our proposed attendees didn't turn up.
Wordcount: 11,869 by the time I got home. Yay!

I had the most amazing day today, it was seriously incredible. It started out with me being really worried about how far behind I was on my word count - over 3,000 words. I wasn't sure what Il Cibo was going to be like, and I'd only heard from Elimy so I was rather afraid we'd have a small turnout. While we only had one more person than last week, it was a really good session. I worked through my first block! Yay! I'm both exhilarated and exhausted, so I'm going to sum up the day with pictures and short sentances.

My superboots are getting a lot of wear! They're really comfortable and I just love them.

The coffee I had was amazing. Seriously, I would go back to that cafe for another one of those soy mochas, and that's saying a lot since it took me a full hour of train time to get there!

Word-count explosion!
G bought me a smiley-face cookie.

Compliments on the train about my beret, which I got from Lillian's blog sale a while ago.

Wore AL Rocks! jigsaw feeling for the first time in a while. One of my favourite greens.
I stayed behind at the cafe for a bit to charge my laptop. The waiter who'd been serving us came over and asked what we'd been doing. I told him a bit about JulNo and he seemed pretty interested. He came back to the table with a copy of Dot Dot Dash and lent it to me. It's an independant publication based out of Curtin Uni. It looked gorgeous, and Elimy had just been talking to me about it! She showed me her copy of the latest Kill Your Darlings today, too. I hope to have at least submitted, if not been published in one of those two magazines by the end of the year. They're both amazing and I can see I'll be spending a lot of money collecting back issues.

This could well be the plait/ear/neck of a future PUBLISHED writer!

So stoked I'm finally caught up with my word count. I hope all you other JulNos are doing well, and that the rest of you non-crazy people are having an enjoyable July. There is a book review scheduled to post tomorrow morning, and I got a tube of ELF's mineral eye primer in the mail today, so expect a review of that (hopefully) before the end of the month. 

Before I forget, I've started reading a new webcomic, Johnny Wander. It's completely autobiographical, and has little slice-of-life snippets, but I'm finding it really cute and sweet. Something nice to distract me for a bit when I'm all JulNo'd out for the day. This is my favourite one so far, but it was a close call. Many moments of "oh wow, I wish I'd been there" or "I could see some of my friends/family doing that". (Oh ok, this is my other favourite one. Of right now. I'm still reading. Don't pressure me!)



  1. That waiter was nice. Actually all the staff were nice. The older guy called out "Bye, Have a Lovely Day!" when we left, AND there was a vintage shop next door that I've never been in before. Yowzers!

  2. There was a vintage shop next door?! Damn, I'm going back.


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