Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Sleek Pout Polish

Another eBay buy. I was intrigued by these after reading the review at Lipstick and Lightsabers, and was in dire need of something moisturising and colouring. The only lipsticks I've ever had any luck with are Stargazer and Morgana Minerals. I got three pots: Pink Cadillac, Electro Peach, and Perfect Plum.

I love the packaging, it's a great size, it's sturdy, and it's easy to use. You do get product all over your finger when applying, but I always carry tissues with me so it's a non-issue.

As you can see, these pout polishes pack a punch. You can blot it down for the moisturising benefits without too much colour, or just apply less. I applied quite a bit for these swatches because I love the colours. They're really non-sticky, which is fantastic. They actually feel quite similar to pawpaw ointment on my lips.

Swatches! From left to right Perfect Plum, Electro Peach, Pink Cadillac.

Lip swatches (these are a lot harder to do than they look)!
Perfect Plum:

Pink Cadillac:

Electro Peach:

Moisturisation and wear:
I have horribly dry lips and I'm really bad at remembering to drink water! I very rarely wear lip products, and when I do, it usually has pawpaw ointment over the top. I also slather pawpaw on at night to prevent my lips from being sore and cracked when I get up in the morning. I wore Electro Peach to work on Tuesday, and Pink Cadillac out and about on Wednesday. They don't last through eating, which I wasn't expecting them to anyway because of the texture. However, both colours faded down to a gentle tint on my lips - and left them moisturised! It was pretty easy to reapply, I whipped out my pocket mirror and put some more on with my finger, using a clean finger to trace around my lips, removing any excess. At the end of a day without using pawpaw ointment, I would usually find my lips dry, a bit sore and flaky in spots. The pout polishes left them soft, smooth and happy.

Here's where is gets odd. Sleek's website and Ana's review both mention pout polishes as having a sweet vanilla scent and flavour, which Ana didn't like. Lillian's review says it's not vanilla at all, but some weird synthetic and slightly soapy flavour. When I cracked open the first polish, I smelled... coconut. I put it on and tasted... coconut. I took it over to my mother. "Tell me what this smells like to you," I said. She sniffed and said, "Vanilla, isn't it?"
"Put a bit on," I said. She tentatively did so. "It's definitely vanilla," she said. "Are you sure? All I can smell and taste is coconut!" My dad sniffed the pot and also reported a distinctly vanilla scent. Even after all that, every time I use any of the three polishes, it's coconut I smell and can sort of taste. Which would be fine, except I don't like coconut!

Overall, I'm quite happy with Sleek Pout Polishes. However, I'd suggest picking up one pot initially, just in case the scent/flavour puts you off. I'm still thinking about the new limited edition polishes - I'm not interested in the Lemon Merangue one in the slighest, but the Raspberry one looks quite nice. Chocolate Kiss I don't need because I just got a pot of Rustic from Morgana Mineral:

Milk-chocolate brown with subtle green iridescence.
That's a sneak preview for you, I'll be doing a proper Morgana review shortly, AND Sleek eyeshadow review. I got my first palette in the mail a few days ago :)


  1. I like the pink and the orange, but dark lipstick always makes me think "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Which is only fun if you're at a RHPS party :P Unlike you, Missy, not all of us can be incredibly ultra cool and not even look like we tried! xo Love!

  2. Hahaha! I am of the personal opinion that everyone should be able to wear crazy/dark coloured lipstick and eyeshadow :) it's so much fun!


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