Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: Stargate Vala Mal Doran comic, issue 1

As an avid SG-1 fan, I was delighted to spot this in my local shop, and I snatched it up immediately. I hadn't heard a single thing about it on official channels, but I'm way out of the loop, so it's totally understandable that I missed out on all the hype. Here is the Gateworld announcement from March this year, and the Comic Book Resources article slash interview.

Vala's a hoot, and I figured that any glimpse at her history would be interesting and funny. I was sort of right. I experieced a bit of disappointment pulling the comic out of the bag to read. The cover art is delightfully video-game reminiscent, and a little dark.
(Image taken from Gateworld, a really informative Stargate news and general info site)
However, the art inside is just traditional, good but unremarkable comic-book-style art.

Vala's character seems pretty true to form; she's witty, devious, unscrupulous and a little bit silly. I didn't recognise the writer's name - Brandon Jerwa - so I did a bit of snooping via Google. Turns out he pretty much specialises in tie-in comics, so I am fairly confident he'll do a good job adding to the Stargate world and accurately portraying the loveable scamp Vala.

The first page provides a bit of info on timelines - this adventure takes place sometime after Vala had been taken over by Qetesh, but before she falls in with the SG-1 crew. We see Val has - as per usual - gotten herself in over her head and is attempting to turn things around through lying her leather-clad butt off. In the interview with CBR, Jerwa says that the SG-1 crew will be appearing later in the series, as the timeline movies into more current territory.

This issue is filled with a very colourful array of aliens, a hearty dash of intergalactic politics, cool gadgets and Vala's signature close escapes. I wouldn't call this a vital piece of the Stargate pie, and of course it'll appeal mostly to the SG-1 fans. From the comments on the Gateworld announcement, I saw a few disparaging remarks directed at the fact no 'official' Stargate writers are affiliated with the project.

I myself won't be following this series avidly; I'll probably wait a few months and pick up a bunch of issues at once. There is a bit of a rumour going around that Stargate SG-1 will have a season 11 in comics, a la Angel and Buffy. If this goes ahead, my wallet will cry and I will have to sit down and watch seasons 9 and 10 all the way through. After season 8, I sort of got distracted by Firefly.

If/when I pick up issue #2, I'll be sure to review it.


  1. I'm also a big SG-1 fan, currently in the process of watching all seasons in order. Just started season 9, so I don't know a whole lot about this particular character, but from what I do her, her comics seem like they could really be interesting.

  2. I found out a few days ago that some random company called Hub Productions are bringing Chris Judge and Corin Nemec over to PERTH this August! I'd never heard of them before and I was so stoked. Found out totally by happenstance, too.

    Um, I think Vala comes in halfway through S9. She is hilarious and really shakes things up. Troublemaker xD

    I think I need to re-watch from about season 7. I don't even remember why I stopped watching it, really.

  3. There was an episode in season 8 where she appears, and she's in the first ep of season 9 which I haven't finished yet. And that's so cool! I think Christopher Judge is so awesome!!!

  4. Chris Judge is indeed awesome. And Corin Nemec... poor thing! I think he would have made a great addition to the team, and that everyone would have loved Jonas... IF he wasn't 'replacing' Daniel. They set him up to fail, poor guy. I think they so could have brought him back instead of putting Ben Browder in there O.o don't get me wrong, I like Mitchell, he's just... eh. I dunno.

  5. So true. I actually like Jonas more than Daniel :-x And at first impression, I don't like Mitchell, but maybe that'll change as I progress through the 9th season.


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