Friday, April 22, 2011

Little things that make me happy

Thursday nights the boyfriend and I are both really, really tired, and I work til 6pm, so we usually get something cheap and quick for dinner. Here's how last night went.

Window server: "That's $21.70, please pay at the next window."
Me: "I have exact change!" Waves money at boyfriend. He pulls his card out.
Boyfriend: "What was that babe? I didnt hear what you said."
Me: "Put your card away, I have exact change!" I push my hands towards him. He continues staring straight ahead.
Boyfriend: "Still can't hear you, you really need to speak up."
Me: "I have moneeeeeey!"
Boyfriend: "Really? That's nice."
I laugh and put my money away.
Boyfriend: "Oh you have exact change? Oh well, you've put it away now, guess I'll just have to use my card."
Me: "I love you, silly head."

Other little things: me not knowing my second class for Thursday has been cancelled, finding out from somebody before I went to the room, and thus having an extra two hours before work. I was able to go and have a nice, leisurely lunch in the locker room instead of having 20 minutes to buy and eat lunch AND get ready for work.

Making progress on a story I'm struggling with.

Taking a chance on a mascara and eyeliner because they're on sale, and absolutely loving them (Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof, and Covergirl Liquidline blast).

Pocky, and feeling cheeky because I'm a girl eating MEN's Pocky.

Having good coffee with a dear friend, who you can be honest with and who will totally understand when you're geeking out about James Marsters, or are worried about a uni assignment.

Co-workers you can joke around with, even when the shop is really busy and you're all feeling a bit under pressure.

What little things have perked you up this last week?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look at me, lookin' at you...

Again, all I have are some quickly snapped EOTDs and NOTDs! At least I've been able to keep up with comments on other people's blogs, I guess. 

Work looks

 Mallow from Aromaleigh on lid, Spiked Stilettos from High Voltage Cosmetics in crease, Tako from Sugarpill on browbone.

Honestly, most of my work looks have just been a varation on this theme - something light and brownish in the crease, with a light and often sparkly colour on the lid, and then a soft, lighter highlight. I've experimented a little with using mattes, using shimmery colours and mixing them as well. A lot of them are really hard to photograph because they're so darn subtle! I have definitely learned to appreciate the neutral look, and I do like playing with different textures and crease/outer vee colours. I'm thinking of buying some pressed shadows to do touch-ups at work, or for the odd day when I oversleep and don't have time to do eye make-up before I leave. I have my eye on a Lost in Makeupland palette, which can hold a pressed blush as well. I think that'd be really handy to have in my work locker for touch-ups! If I end up getting one I shall be sure to review it :)

Yesterday was the FIRST day I actually put some colour into my work make-up!

Croma from Concrete Minerals with Dirty Tricks from Sassy Minerals on the crease/outer vee.

I did matching nails for this look, since purple is my favourite colour and I was getting thoroughly tired of nude nails. I need to get my hands on some more pastels and sheer duochromes to layer with.
China Glaze Light As Air. 
I haven't been able to stop looking at my nails... I absolutely love this colour, it's so light (pun not intended) and pretty! I forgot how easy it is to apply, too... this is two hassle-free coats with Orly In A Snap on top.

Fun looks

I finally did it! I finally used red eyeshadow! I didn't manage to get a good closed-eye shot, and the blending doesn't show up properly in these pictures. I had a really awesome metallic pink crease from mixing the two shadows :)
Ruby Slippers from Sassy Minerals, with a silver mica from TKB, and a bit of Bulletproof from Sugarpill on the lower lashline.

Afterparty from Sugarpill (no mascara)
... matching nails! 
Hook Me Up from Mode Cosmetics, with a nail sticker from BYS. 
I have a review of the nail stickers somewhere... you'll notice I have nubbins at the moment. I'm fairly clumsy and I've been hitting my nails on things at work constantly! I also have bruises from drawers, blisters from my new shoes and many, many papercuts on my right arm from the paper bags. Until I get the hang of things a bit better, I'm keeping my nails short to avoid any severe and painful breaks. Also it's giving them some time with some nice strengthening base coats :)
And last but not least, behold, work becomes play with a coat of China Glaze Wireless Holo topcoat and some clumsy Konading!... Party Crasher from Mode used to stamp.
I did these three fingers on each hand; the pattern is different on each finger. It's very clumsy, and bled/smeared when I put topcoat on, but I don't mind since I'll only be wearing it for a day.

As much as I love the holo effect... I think I actually prefer Light As Air as a creme. It reminds me of sugared almonds :)

That's all for now, folks! I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog sale, comic reviews and et cetera. It's coming, I swear.