Friday, April 22, 2011

Little things that make me happy

Thursday nights the boyfriend and I are both really, really tired, and I work til 6pm, so we usually get something cheap and quick for dinner. Here's how last night went.

Window server: "That's $21.70, please pay at the next window."
Me: "I have exact change!" Waves money at boyfriend. He pulls his card out.
Boyfriend: "What was that babe? I didnt hear what you said."
Me: "Put your card away, I have exact change!" I push my hands towards him. He continues staring straight ahead.
Boyfriend: "Still can't hear you, you really need to speak up."
Me: "I have moneeeeeey!"
Boyfriend: "Really? That's nice."
I laugh and put my money away.
Boyfriend: "Oh you have exact change? Oh well, you've put it away now, guess I'll just have to use my card."
Me: "I love you, silly head."

Other little things: me not knowing my second class for Thursday has been cancelled, finding out from somebody before I went to the room, and thus having an extra two hours before work. I was able to go and have a nice, leisurely lunch in the locker room instead of having 20 minutes to buy and eat lunch AND get ready for work.

Making progress on a story I'm struggling with.

Taking a chance on a mascara and eyeliner because they're on sale, and absolutely loving them (Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof, and Covergirl Liquidline blast).

Pocky, and feeling cheeky because I'm a girl eating MEN's Pocky.

Having good coffee with a dear friend, who you can be honest with and who will totally understand when you're geeking out about James Marsters, or are worried about a uni assignment.

Co-workers you can joke around with, even when the shop is really busy and you're all feeling a bit under pressure.

What little things have perked you up this last week?


  1. Okay, my wife and I have been puzzling about this and we have to ask:

    What about this pocky makes it MEN'S pocky? Is it because the packaging is dark? Is there a flavor that's more manly? Is it shaped like something unmentionable?

    I seriously just do not understand how one gender-assigns pocky. How strict is this? Are you going to get arrested for eating it?

  2. I have noooooo idea. It's the same old Pocky shape (which I guess is a bit phallic anyway).

    I guess I can't get arrested for eating it in Australia. Most people here don't even know what Pocky is! If I do get some authority figure eyeing me whilst eating it, I promise to stare at them and pointedly chomp on it, though ;)

  3. LOL to the Men's Pocky! While I was aware of Pocky, I did not know that they made it gender-specific!

  4. hasn't it got something to do with the fact that women's sensitive tastebuds can't handle dark chocolate?

    Ok things that have made my week:

    Chris made me rice pudding. Doing the running man in a dark alleyway on the way home. Cleaning out my cupboard and trying on ALL of my clothes. New shoes. New pillow covers. Reading a book that is NOT for school. Kill Your Darlings Magazine in the mail. Reading that in two sittings. Creative Writing Collective meeting. Two free coffees. Calling in exhausted to work and being told that they understand that I work too hard. Being told it's a good idea to apply for my dream internship even though I'd have to do everything online (By the people who know). Seeing YOU. The sunset outside my window right now. My dog. He's little, right? Watching a terrible movie with Chris even though he hated it, and I now have to go and see Fast and the Furious 5 *blergh*.


  5. For me it has definitely been getting to ride my bike outside! :-) And I had to look up what Men's Pocky is, and it sound delicious!

  6. What do you think of the mascara? I have lashblastfusion (the same line but in the purple tube) and I don't think it does much for me.

  7. Well hello there, how are you enjoying your gender-assigned Pocky? I have tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Please pass it on if you would like!

  8. I just nominated you for a blog award.

    Here's the link! =]


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