Friday, November 11, 2011

Face Painting

What does one do when the uni semester is over?

Convince people to let them put make up on their faces, of course!

I went over to my darling Elimy's house and had a peek at her stash.  (When I say stash, I'm only calling it that because that's what I call mine but of course but I have a blogger's stash and she has a normal person's stash.  As opposed to Tom Sellick, who has a regular stash.)

It is Movember, after all.

 It was really interesting working away from my usual cache of various instruments/ make up craziness.  But it was fun, too, challenging myself to think outside the square.  Box.  Ha.  I haven't had the opportunity to do makeup on some one else since doing theatre and that's a whole different kettle of fish.  I really liked the end result, and Elimy didn't say she hated it, so that's a plus. 

I used mostly powder shadows from various "drugstore palettes" and used one brush from Priceline.  Without further ado, please view my handiwork, and Elimy's pretty eyes.

I used a translucent white gold from lashline to brow bone, a soft dirty purple in the crease, pale pink in the centre of the lid to create a focal point and peacock green in the outer V.  There is also eyeliner on the lower lashline.  I wanted to emulate Elimy's style which is very soft and natural but also wanted to add a pop of colour.  To complete the look I added pinky blush and lipstick.  I let Elimy do the rest of her face, including foundation etc.  She used Fit Me 115 which she recommends to anyone thinking of trying it. 

All in all I had a lot of fun and will sneak some more colour in next time if she lets me.