Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mail, E-mail, and Male

I really, really like checking my physical mailbox more than my e-mail inbox. Why is that? Because I'm an online shopper... and a sucky pen-pal.

I have a friend who lives in Adelaide, who used to live in Sydney. We used to write letters covered in photos, stickers, and exclamation points to each other, once a month or so. I find writing letters fun and easy. I enjoy the tactile sensation of writing, and for a while I had a collection of nice letter papers.

Unfortunately, as good as I got at writing letters, the bit that comes after that is the part that always lets me down: posting it. Getting hold of an envelope, addressing it, finding a stamp and seeking out one of those nice red post boxes.

I could conceivably get my Pen-friend's new address and be much better at writing letters now, as I pass two post-boxes nearly every day. Before that I'd have to get someone to actually drive me to where one was located (and I'd usually forget to grab the letter if we were going to be passing one).

I sponsor a child with Compassion. It takes 3 months for letters I send to reach him, and vice versa. I always feel bad when I find a letter a week, or even two weeks, lying around un-replied-to, or sitting in its envelope. It's not about the money the kid gets for school and food and medical bills - although it helps, probably more than I'll ever realise. What sponsorship does for a child, is gives hope, in the knowledge that someone much better off, in another part of the world, cares about them and their future. That's why I write him letters, and hang up the pictures he draws me. He's a much better artist than I am, as well.

Onto the second part of the mail portion: I got packages! A few weeks back I placed an order with Aromaleigh and Morgana Minerals. I got them today and yesterday, respectively. Much, much excitement. I'm a firm believer in creative expression through make-up, and these are two companies with oodles of creativity, independance and solid business ethics that I will personally vouch for. Their prices are eminently reasonable and their products are high-quality. I only got lipstick samples from Morgana as it was my first order, but I was so impressed with the generous size. I will be ordering full sizes soon, they're so creamy and pigmented! It was my second Aromaleigh order, so I got some full-sized shadows and some samples as well. Kirsten (owner and head of AL) sends 3 free samples with every order, which I love. If you're interested in independant mineral/vegan makeup, or indie jewelry, go to Gothique. Grey's reviews are so detailed and impartial, she won't steer you wrong.

Male? Clever pun, Jade, but what's with that?
I consider myself a feminist. Now now, don't run away yet. My definition of feminism is probably better served by the term equalitist, or similar, but I prefer the term 'feminist', because I don't shy away from gendered issues. NOT that I'm saying equalists/egalitarians don't.

The confusion in even this simple explanation of my own beliefs is what sent me on a Google crawl today, searching for definitions and meanings of the term/philosophy/movement of feminism. I came across some really interesting articles, forums, books, and of course the occasional bit of pure absurdity.

Naming and labelling things are certainly a big part of human understanding. This is why we can waste so much time quibbling over 'semantics' and splitting hairs. I have recently begun to realise that the reasons why I identify as 'feminist' may not have much to do with the general perception of the label. But I also want to know why this is, why the general perception of what I consider a valid and useful movement is so negatively percieved, and thought to be reduntant in the 21st century. Over this year, I'm going to read as many feminist books, blogs and resources that I can get my hands on. I like to learn, I like to investigate the origins of words and sayings and people. Why I haven't delved into the beginnings of something I consider a part of my life before, I don't know.

I have some book reviews, a rant and a how-to planned for the next few posts. I am really busy IRL right now, but this blog is my 'me' time, and I want to update at least 2-3 times a week. Fingers crossed!

Until next we meet,
Jade Carver.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to inspiration

You know those days, where you just want to curl into a ball and pretend your life isn't the way it is?

Yeah, that was today.

Something that always pulls me out of a low patch, which isn't excessive amounts of chocolate and tea (although those are really good too) would have to be bitte ein kuss. Translated from German, this is a tumblr stream, called 'love your chaos'. A collection of photography, artwork and quotes, reblogged by a girl named Sarah, it's a hive of beauty, heartbreak, thought-provoking bits and pieces and I cannot reccommend it enough.