Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New stuff!

Yesterday was a bit interesting - I got three comment notification emails, and then when I went to check them on the blog... nothing. All of them seem to have gotten through now, just wanted to let you know I haven't started moderating comments or wildly deleting things. Hopefully everything will be running smoothly again now!

On a more exciting note, my auntie came over yesterday and helped me with my paperwork intervention. Two giant rubbish bags later and not only do I have a filing system, but all my old notebooks, cards and letters are neatly stored away! A trip to the grandmother's shed later, and I got a new (secondhand) dressing table! For free! Well, technically it's a computer desk, but it now houses all my hair, makeup and jewelry bits.

My lovely auntie, besides being organiser and seamstress extraordinaire, is a collector of vintage clothing, shoes and knicknacks. She and I are similar in size and height, so she passes things that don't quite fit, or that aren't her taste, onto me fairly often. When she came over yesterday she brought this AMAZING vintage wool suit and said she'd been trying to get rid of it for a year. It was a little too small for her and fit me perfectly so I got to keep it :) it'll be good for work because of the length and shape of the skirt, but I'll probably be wearing the jacket casually with jeans as well - it's so warm and cute! All the original buttons and everything.
Original buttons!

The whole suit is like that - black with hundreds of tiny red polka dots arranged in perfect, even lines. I'll post some more pictures later, I'm about to skedaddle off to write-in #2, which will (fingers crossed) be very enjoyable and productive.

More reviews coming soon!


  1. My comments went a-wall too! :)

    LMFAO! The image that you posted of the suit button... well you'll never guess what it looked like to me before I read your post.... a chameleon's eye!!!!! HAHA!!!! Strange camouflage that would be!

  2. Haha, it does look a bit like that! Maybe a chameleon hiding in a vintage shop? :P

  3. I'm always jealous of how girls can swap clothes, if I was going to wear something of one of my mates I'd sniff it first to see if was okay.

  4. Tuesday Kid, your comment made me giggle. If I borrow stuff from friends, I always wash it before I give it back. I also make sure to wash vintage stuff before I wear it, just in case ;)


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