Friday, July 16, 2010

G20 in Toronto - glad I wasn't there

This video was brought to my attention a little while ago. It shocked me, but as a media student, I was highly conscious of the fact that it had been obviously edited, and the small missing segments were vital pieces of information. I found this news report, which although even more edited (as news reports always are) provided me with the context of this situation.

It didn't make it any better.

I'm reading and hearing reports of police brutality, sexual assault, curtailing free journalism, illegal practises condoned by the Police Chief. Local AND global news media coverage has been limited to quick, general reports which bypass this tremendous and appalling human rights issue entirely. The fact that there had been vandalism - by a completely seperate group - the day before caused the police to come out en masse and treat peaceful protesters and bystanders with violence and disgusting disregard.

Nine hundred arrests, over 24 hours after any protester violence, performed upon a completely seperate group of people, some of whom hadn't even involved themselves with the protest at all. This is the personal account of someone who was with a Canadan friend of mine, who was sitting in a park when she was arrested and then detained, without food, for over 24 hours.

This is 2010. The U.S yearly defense budget alone would, if used properly, end world hunger. I'd like to think that all of us who are privelaged enough to live in first-world countries understand the issues of injustice, inequality, and unequal education that plague our world. As my boyfriend said to me this afternoon: "Those who care don't have the power to do anything. Those who are in power don't care. Thus it becomes, and still is, a vicious cycle."

More frivolous and entertaining post coming tomorrow, I just HAD to say something about this.

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