Sunday, July 18, 2010

I made stuff part 2

The other day when I sat down at my dressing table, it suddenly occured to be that I now own several packets of TKB pigments, a bunch of empty jars, and a load of samples that I don't really like that I hadn't been able to give away.

Madness ensued.

I have only very basic knowledge of colour theory, so I Googled up a colour wheel to refer to, and found this fantastic art resource. It's meant to be used to mix paint and raw art pigments, but for basic "this is what happens when you mix these colours together", it was perfect. I was totally unhygenic, but since they're only for me I don't think it's a big deal. I literally used this tiny teaspoon to scoop shadows (wiping it off between jars), and mixed things by closing the jar tightly and shaking/rolling it until the pigments were blended. I made quite a mess but it was SO much fun.

I had a few ideas for shadows I wanted to try and make, and a rough idea of how it might be done. I ended up doing a few things that seemed a bit strange since the last time I did art it involved finger-painting. However, I did manage to make some really gorgeous shadows. All of these swatches done over PE.

This is a soft, dusty green with violet interference.

A brighter, shimmery green, I didn't realise until I was swatching is actually pretty darn similar to Sassy Minerals' False Pretenses. My mix is a bit more of a lighter, yellower green, and it looks very different in the jar.

A bright sky blue with pink-y shimmer. I'm pretty sure I used AL Rocks! Planetearth in this which accounts for the pink glittery bits.

A peachy orange-coral-pink with green highlight. This was a beautiful colour, but a great example of "don't believe everything you read on the internet" - I found something that told me to add yellow to purple to darken it, and filled with over-confidence, I did so. To my dismay, the almost-perfect dupe of Dulcinea I'd been working on was now a nearly-white mess. I tried re-purpling and darkening it, but it just didn't want to cooperate. This was the end result! It was really hard to photograph on my skin as it is a very sublte, pretty colour. Not something I would have bought for myself if I'd seen in on a site somewhere, but I do like it.

This is, to my untrained eye, an exact dupe of Aromaleigh's Serenade, from the En Pointe collection. I was amazed at how well this turned out. I had a rapidly dwindling sample of this shade, and I was really sad because I was (almost literally) broke when they announced that they were closing. This was the one shade I have been wanting desperately for a while, and I now have the equivalent of 3/4 of an Aromaleigh full size of it. That's my dupe on the left, and the actual sample of the shade on the right. After swatching it, I poured the sample into the dupe jar. They blended seamlessly, I didn't even have to shake the jar or anything. Also, can I stress how much more amazing this shadow is in real life? The pictures dulled the teal and don't show the rich violet iridescence. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this a lot, so I wrote down my 'recipe' in case I ever needed to make more.

A divine soft dirty mauve-plum with blue sparkle and sheen. I really, really wish I'd written this one down, it's absolutely gorgeous. Amazing complexity. I could see Sassy coming out with a shade like this, who knows, they might have it already!

Bright orange with a hint of pink sheen, which would not show up on-camera! I can't for the life of me remember what I was actually trying to make. I can't see myself wearing this too often. It's very... different!

My first ever two mixes were a navy blue and a metallic, gold-y taupe with silver glitter (these I swatched dry because my camera was running low on battery):

I mixed these ages ago, and as you can tell by how much is in the jar, a LOT of various bits and pieces went into making them (especially in the taupe-y metallic one, I think there's about 7 different products in there!)

This is a great use of those eyeshadow samples you opened, tried and then went "eh". I get a lot of these. Most of them I pass onto friends who I know would like them, and the rest get experimented with. It's loads of fun :)


  1. That does look like a lot of fun :). You might want to go back and re-jig your placement of photos/text - I found it confusing a few times to work out which photo went with which comments (probably because blogger doesn't truly show you where the text will end up when you write drafts). I especially like the taupey-coral-y one, and the mauve-y-plum one :)

  2. Erg, I spent ages trying to get it to look right! :( oh well.

  3. Ew theyre all so pretty :D now I feel like mashing together my repackaged crap

  4. I am so tempted to place a TKB order... No! Bad self! *smacks hand*


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