Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Operation PAN!

I go back to uni next week, and I'll be down to 12 regular hours of work. Gah! So in keeping with my new, strict budget, I've decided not to purchase any more make-up samples for a while. I have a massive amount of samples from Sassy Minerals, Meow Cosmetics, Fyrinnae, Morgana Minerals, Sobe Botanicals, Concrete Minerals, and my own little mix-ups, so I have plenty to choose from! I'm also waiting on my other Sleek palette (naughty me) and have to decide whether to just use the 16 Aromaleigh samples I traded for, risk loving them and being sad I can't get full sizes, or whether to trade them again for something I can actually buy as an international customer. There are still a few cosmetics companies I want to try, but I do need to get through some of my stash first!

I'm making staples like mascara and face powder an exception, I plan on ordering a full-size Sassy foundation and blush soon since I found my match. I am also really liking the Sobe Botanicals Oil Control powder I bought a sample of. Still haven't gotten around to trying the Illusionist powder though. Once I finish off some samples, I can start making a list of products to buy full sizes of. I can already think of a few Sassy and Concrete Minerals colours...

I do have some reviews and comparisons planned, I'm just not really in a make-up frame of mind at the moment, as I have a nasty cold, I'm working and trying to prepare for uni! I'm horribly behind on JulNo. Don't know at this stage if I'll make 50k, all things considered it's a bit unrealistic.

After I get better, I have lots of Life Plans involving submitting stories and articles to magazines, trying out new recipes, taking more photos and buying more comic books. I have to get Changing Ways and Chew back from my darling friend M. so that I can review them!


  1. Dude, you're so motivated and driven.

    And I really need to work on getting through some of my stash too :| especially considering all the crap I bought on holiday

  2. Dude, I'm forever making all these great plans and then not doing half of them! I'm trying to make things more realistic so I can actually achieve them :)


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