Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Et tu, cheese?

I have been moderately lactose intolerant pretty much since birth. That my three favourite consumables are cheese, chocolate and coffee? Well, I'd say that's pretty ironic! I'm usually fairly good at keeping my dairy intake down. I drink soy milk, and have gotten used to paying the extra 50c to have it in my coffee at cafes. Cheese and chocolate I try to eat only occasionally, but sometimes I just can't help myself. WHY does it have to taste so good?!

I've been fairly 'bad' the last few days, my parents went out to Ikea and brought home masses of Daim. If you've never had Daim... I honestly don't know whether to tell you to OMG GET SOME or STAY AWAY. It's really, really good but it's also highly addictive! Because it's chocolate coated buttercream toffee (see?) I can have a fair bit of it before feeling any effects, but I was up late riding out a stroke of writerly inspiration when I realised I was hungry.

Then I realised I wanted cheese. Macaroni cheese, to be exact. The cheap, synthetic, microwaveable kind.

The cycle goes like this:
  • Realise I want it. Tell myself no, and continue what I'm doing.
  • Get up and check the pantry. We have some. Power-walk back to my room and try to ignore this.
  • Get up and check the fridge. Nothing remotely appetising in there. Dawdle next to the kettle, probably put it on with the intention of making tea. 
  • Wander over to the pantry. Try not to look at IT whilst I scope out other edibles.
  • Kettle's boiled. Walk over to make tea and realise I don't WANT tea, I want macaroni cheese dammmit!
  • Grab it out of the pantry. Rip off the foil lid, fill with cold water and put in the microwave for three minutes.
  • Whilst the three minutes go by, I ditch the foil lid, telling myself I'll regret it. I then tell myself it's too late, I have to eat it because throwing it away would be wasteful.
  • When it's done, I stir in the fluoro orange cheese powder, trying not to get it everywhere.
  • Realise the mac cheese looks, and smells, very unappetising.
  • Add a little dried basil, some 'real' cheese and stir thoroughly. If I'm really hungry, I cover the mac cheese, fry up some finely chopped bacon and then stir that in, too.
  • Wolf the concoction down like there's no tomorrow - because cold microwaveable mac cheese is groooooss.
  • Throw the (completely empty) container in the bin, fork in the sink, feeling satisfied and a bit guilty.
Five minutes later, my stomach will start literally growling. It's telling me off, and my mouth tastes like grease. But I know I'll do it again eventually.

On a side note, forks cast awesome shadows.

Readers (all sixteen of you), what do you hate to love to eat? Or did you develop an allergy to a food you love? Both my parents have done this - my dad became violently allergic to shellfish shortly after he and my mum got married, and my mum had a very sudden and extreme allergic reaction to sesame seeds late last year. She now carries an Epipen with her everywhere, and stares longingly at hummus when we go shopping.

JulNoWriMo update:
You know how I did absolutely nothing over the weekend writing-wise? And then totally panicked about behind behind the daily wordcount breakdown? Well, yesterday I wrote 3,300 words and I'm almost totally caught up! Apparently I find panic inspiring? :P


  1. I hate to love eating sour cream and onion pringles. They make me stink. Also, garlic bread. Really, anything stinky that means you have to shower four or five times to stop the stink coming out of your pores. But soooo goooood.

    BTW thanks for making me REALLY want Easy Mac. SIGH.

  2. lol, I find panic inspiring as well. I have written my best college papers while burning the midnight oil the night before the assignment was due.

    and as to food, ugh, girl, don't get me started. I'm allergic to all milk products except whey, all wheat products, and eggs (and pineapples and peanuts, but those aren't as significant to me). I miss cheese SO EFFING MUCH. And I have to pay extra for super dark chocolate that doesn't contain milk product.


  3. Ergh blogspot is having teh comment problems.

  4. Ha ha ha... I don't like most dairy products. I will drink milk if I am putting some kind of hot drink mix in it, but never plain, and my stomach gets somewhat upset. The smell of milk literally makes me gag. I don't like any cheese except parmesan, and I've only had yogurt once when I was very young and it made me sick. I think I'm somewhat lactose intolerant.

  5. I am addicted to red meat. I love it. Nothing cheers me up like a nice sizzling steak in my mouth. I know it's bad for me, but every time I go out, I just want to get steak! And as for the writing, I find that I'm much more motivated to do stuff like that when there's a little bit of pressure going on.

  6. Congrats on the JulNo catching up!

    I don't think I have any food I hate to love (or love to hate ...). Except for a sort of general "I really feel like deep-pan pizza (can we say grease?) but I know it's unhealthy ..." on the odd occasion.

  7. hehe, luckily nothing gets me, i eat anything and everything (especially chocolate!). but i remember asking someone why they didn't like fish and she said she didn't like the thought of not being able to breathe... still, that wasn't the point, of not breathing but more about the taste, which a better answer would be that it tastes yuck!

    you are living proof that you still can like something even if your body doesn't like it!

    (btw, i do that cheesy mac thing too. i know its terrible crappy stuff but it's somehow attractive. and i get up all the time looking for food and convincing myself that there is nothing good to eat, or nothing healthy i should touch)


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