Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steamy Steampunk (review)

Two alt-y clothing styles I adore, but haven't the time or funds to properly try, are Lolita and Steampunk. But indulging in one or the other doesn't have to break the bank, as I realised when I stumbled accross KandKartistry on Etsy. This daughter-and-mother-in-law shop (how often do you get to say that?!) do a mix of steampunk and more traditional jewellry designs. The pieces are beautiful, wearable and so affordable, especially compared to other steampunk pieces on and off Etsy!

I ordered a necklace and a bracelet, which K was kind enough to put into a custom listing for me, as one didn't have an Aussie shipping price on it and thus Etsy wouldn't let me check out with it.



These pieces are so well-made. I have worn silver for most of my life, but these brass/copper and resin gems are really gorgeous. I have my eye on a few other things from their store (not telling you what in case somebody goes and steals them!) I thought that these would be quite heavy, but they're actually really light and wearable. The gears in in the bracelet links are quite smooth and well-attached, so they don't catch on anything. I adore the little resin 'cups' filled with little watch pieces. KandKartistry do rings and earrings in a similar style. I want some.

K's response to my request for a custom listing was fast and friendly. The low prices in no way reflect the craftsmanship or the customer service - K isn't a full-time Etsy owner, so she isn't after a huge profit margin. I would definitely reccommend these ladies to anyone looking to add to, or start a steampunk collection. Move over comic books, I think I have a new obsession!


  1. Those are so cool! Truly a great find.

  2. Holy crap that bracelet looks awesome! I need to stare at their shop (like a stalker) :D


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