Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm still alive!

Mostly... I have a pretty bad case of the flu. Thursday I started coughing a lot, Friday I woke up and felt like utter crap. Went to the doc's and got a certificate since I didn't go into uni. Saturday and Sunday were spent being utterly miserable, so much so that my dad (who was also sick) dragged me back to the doc's yesterday and we were both prescribed antibiotics. Yay! I got another doc's certificate for today since I didn't think I'd be in any condition to go into uni. I also missed two work shifts, which really, really sucks. But since I haven't left the house, and have had barely any concentration and energy, I haven't bought anything! Heh.

I do have some posts in the works, but unfortunately the blog may have to remain pushed to the side while I catch up on all the uni readings/study I have been neglecting (I tried doing some at the doc's on Friday... let's just say that I don't remember aaaaanything that I read now!)

This was a really, really sucky time for me to get sick. I'm supposed to be doing an in-class presentation on Thursday, I missed out on the first tutorial for one of my classes (which means I still haven't met my tutor), and work pretty much depends on me being available for my regular shifts, because none of the other girls are available for those days. There are two magazine submission deadlines coming up which I have scribbled down ideas for, but really desperately need to write so that I can make sure they're as polished and well-done as I can make them before I actually submit them. Oh, and I also made my boyfriend sick, even though I haven't seen him in four days. Go figure?!

I realise I haven't done any posts about comics, books, and basically non-makeup related things in a while. I just got my hands on a new Deadpool series which I definitely plan on writing about, because it's awesome. I still have the drafts of reviews of Chew, Changing Ways, some Blog Brags, and Lost Genius Part 2 lurking forlornly in the background. So hopefully when I get back to blogging, I will have some more variety for those of my readers who aren't into make-up. It's a significant part of my blog, because it's so much fun and I love supporting independant creators, but I never wanted my blog to become solely a beauty blog.

Four paragraphs! Wow, I must be feeling better today. Oh, one last thing before I forget: if there is a blog that you really like, which has under 100 followers on Google friend connect, tell me about it and I'll write a Blog Brag about it. Heck, if your blog fits that category, nominate yourself! I may have only 22 readers (which is stunning to me, by the way - hi new followers! Thank you very, very much for your interest in my humble ramblings, it means a lot) but in my eyes, that's 22 people who may not have otherwise found that blog. When you have a small followship, every new reader is exciting, and tells you that you're probably doing something right.

I'm going to go cough up my small intestine now.


  1. "I nominate young Verta here" - Zooey Deschanel in 500 days of Summer.

    Ummm well, Brag away about me if you want but I think you should brag about

    Feel better babe, I met that German guy you're doing your pres with I think... gee I hope we were both talking about you lol... and the tutor is hell nice, she says think about what you want to do for your presentation for 223, I have week 7 :P

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Em :) and thank you SO MUCH for giving the German guy my number! I was so stoked when he texted me, I nearly screamed "now I have a chance of not failing that presentation!" Hehe. I will definitely be at the tut this week. Even if I have to bring a box of tissues with me.

  3. Heeeeey :)

    Ugh, being sick when you have work to do sucks :( ... hope you're feeling better by now. Did you manage to do the presentation on Thursday?

    I'll nominate myself! I have no followers because Wordpress doesn't support that (which I didn't realise before starting out over there ... but oh well). 3 weeks in I think there's enough up there that anyone visiting can browse and work out what the blog's about. And if you pop over today the latest post involves Harry Potter (fans and haters all welcome ...).

    Hope you're feeling much better!

  4. I am feeling moderately better. Still coughing a lot and carrying tissues everywhere. I didn't manage to do the presentation, I um... slept through half of Thursday!

  5. I came to say, I hope you're feeling better, caught up on studies, and back to blogging soon! I miss you in my reader!

  6. Thanks Debbie, that really made my day to read :) I am working on a post, in between really long theory-laden uni lectures!


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