Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Brag #1

If you've ever chuckled, giggled, or shaken your head at the name of an eye shadow, nail polish, or heck even a paint sample, go check out Stupid Nail Polish Names. The madam who runs this blog has a wonderful biting wit which she uses to give a thorough dressing-down to ridiculous, borderline offensive and occasionally outright baffling nail polish names. Currently she's featuring Mode's Cool As, which I sent to her as a suggestion. She's even used the crappy photo I sent her, haha!

I'll be doing a few more Blog Brag posts, mostly of blogs I like that have a small readership Stupid Nail Polish Names doesn't really fall into that category, but she is such a wonderful read I decided to make an exception ;)

Feel free to send me any suggestions to be featured in Blog Brag! My own readership is very small, I know, but I'd like to think that a starting/obscure blog would be grateful for even one extra reader through a mention from someone. I know I still have a little squee every time I get a new commenter/follower!


  1. That's a fun site :). Is it a bad thing that "Cool As" as a nail polish name makes me feel sentimental, rather than amused/annoyed? I guess it's because in the UK we just don't use constructions like "Cool As" "Sweet As" etc, so it reminds me of NZ ...

    Blogs that I read that I think are worth mentioning are disabledfeminists.com (I seem to be mentioning this all over the place now ... just been writing a post that will go up tomorrow on www.eudoxiafriday.wordpress.com that has several links there) and www.alreadypretty.com, but they're both pretty big, so not quite what you're thinking of. I'm interested to see what other people recommend, though :)

  2. I am morally opposed to that blog due to the fact that OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" is on there... my fave np and fave name. haha but seriously I love browsing through there, there really are some dumb names.

  3. I must go stare, Cool As reminds me of NZ too XD

  4. Eudoxia: thanks for the recs! I have a couple blogs in mind to feature, but I do really hope I'll get some suggestions :)

    Heather: Is it bad that I really don't like OPI? Some of their names are really... well, racist. And sexist. It just really rubs me the wrong way!

    SS: yeah it kinda does, now that I think about it! "Sweet as, bro"? Hehe.


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