Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Swatches: Mode Cosmetics Vicious Venom

Because Mode is such a small, budget brand, it's hard to keep up with the new releases unless you're a regular visitor of one of their stockists - and I'm not! As such, getting ahold of their glitters was a bit of a quest for me. I saw this colour twice before I actually purchased it, and it sat in my bathroom cupboard for several weeks before trying it. I knew it was going to be a bitch to remove, so I waited until I got Picture Polish revolution in the mail before I used it.

Silver, lime green, grass green, emerald green and nearly-black glitter of similar sizes fill this polish. The base is a dark green. I don't know if some of the base in my bottle has evaporated because it's old, or if it's what the polish is actually like but the glitter is SO thick in this, dabbing creates huge lumps of glitter on your nail bed. So the only way to apply this is to brush it on and hope for the best! The glitter is so packed in, I only put one coat on my nails and this was the result:

Not colour accurate :(
If you look closely you can see bald patches, but it was absolutely not visible in person. My fingers look red because my camera was doing the usual colour freak-out over green, haha. There's so much glitter in this polish it actually dried matte. It took three thick-ish coats of topcoat to get it smooth and shiny. The predominant colour is grassy green, followed by the larger pieces of emerald green and a lime undertone. This was the most colour-accurate swatch I got (running around the house, trying the lighting in every room. The perils of swatching around work hours in winter!)

Much more colour accurate!
Imagine that base colour with the complexities of the earlier swatch - especially the larger glitters. This is such a bright, fun, SPARKLY polish. If you like green at all, hunt this sucker down. Available at random pharmacies around Australia and now online from Heritage Brands! I may or may not have ordered several... ahem.


  1. I love this sparkly nail polish Ms. Jade! Look so cool and fun! Nice photos and review! :)

  2. Your photos look good,I know how hard it is to get good photos in winter! Can't wait for spring/summer to come back :)

    1. Aww, thanks! Warmer weather is definitely better for photography.

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