Monday, June 17, 2013

Review and swatches: Mode Cosmetics Beat the Blah

I apologise in advance - what I thought was going to be a straightforward swatching session of a neutral, work-safe polish turned into one of those colour-accuracy nightmares.

When I first got "Beat the Blah" I thought, "what a weird name for a neutral polish!"

I first swatched it on a swatching stick, and was pleased to see it was one of Mode's beautifully opaque polishes. You can get away with one coat of this. I've done two for maximum opacity.

Then the problems came. "How do I describe this? Is it peach? Is it mauve? Is it beige? Or maybe taupe?" This polish just seems to defy description.

Getting a colour-accurate picture just didn't seem possible. Every different camera setting and lighting situation provided a photograph that wasn't quite right.

I thought this was going to be a boring polish. I thought the name was ironic. I was totally wrong - this polish is the most ridiculously complex neutral I've ever seen.

I can't even decide which picture is more colour accurate. Every time I look from my hand to the computer monitor I just don't know!

Because it's so opaque, I'd imagine it would make excellent undies for a whole number of neutral sheers - or even just a way to change up a shimmery neutral. I think it'd be stunning with a holo topcoat, too.

This one's not currently available from the Heritage Brands website, you'll have to scout out some chemists for this shade. Excuse me while I go stare at my nails for a while!


  1. This shade isn't bad at all Ms. Jade! :)

  2. I love these types of shades they are good to use when you're not feeling color :)


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