Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Sukin Hand & Nail Cream

Sukin is an all-natural, vegan, paraben-free Aussie brand that has been garnering a lot of attention in the blogosphere lately, due to its amazingly affordable products. Lured in by a spate of positive reviews and by a large display in a local chemist, I ended up purchasing two products to try.

My new job is full-time and I handle a lot of paper during the day. This means my hands are drier than they usually are, and sadly my beloved Palmers olive butter is just too oily to apply and then get back to work. The Sukin hand and nail cream promised to be non-greasy and at $9.95 for 125ml I was definitely willing to give it a go.

Website description: "combines hydrolyzed soy protein to strengthen nails and cuticles with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe and soften hands. This non greasy, light, moisture rich formula combines hydrolyzed soy protein to strengthen nails and cuticles with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe, soften and protect hardworking hands. Suitable for all skin types especially dry and sensitive. Perfect for manicures and pedicures."

The first thing I noticed about this hand cream was the smell - apparently most Sukin products have some variation of this strong, herby scent. It does fade away a few minutes after application, but if you have a sensitive nose I'd recommend trying this in-store first.  I really like the scent but of course that's a very subjective and personal statement.

The cream itself is slightly runnier than I'm used to with body lotion type products, but that made it very easy to spread around. I usually use a pea-sized amount which covers my hands, then I squeeze out a dab more and put it on my elbows.

A few minutes later the cream has completely sunk in. If I put my hands right up to my face I can still smell it a little, but my hands are completely dry and soft. I was really surprised as to how effective this cream was!

Cost-wise this actually breaks down to much cheaper than Palmers, which is $6.95 for a 60g tube. The only thing I would be wary of with the Sukin is that it's a 125ml bottle, and because of the all-natural ingredients:

That's right, recommended to be used up within 6 months! So I guess use liberally and don't be afraid to put it on places other than your hands and nails?

Sukin Hand & Nail cream is available in a tube or a pump bottle, online and in-store in several countries!

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