Monday, June 24, 2013

Swatches: Smitten Polish Bluebird II

I don't remember where I first saw this polish. It may have been in a blog or it may have been on Etsy. I DO remember that it was lust at first sight. I didn't look at it and think, "Oh, pretty!" or even "How unusual!" My eyes widened and my brain screeched "WANT!" Capitalism at its finest :P

I don't normally like brown polishes, but the contrast between the dark chocolatey base and the green and blue hex glitter had me wiping drool off my chin.

Hexes in royal blue, aqua and jade green with tiny green glitter.

Bluebird II is thick. REALLY thick. I layered it over a dark base polish but I don't think I even needed to do that. The base is really pigmented and there is SO much glitter. No fishing or dabbing required to get the coverage in my swatches, just two coats. Because of how much glitter there is though, you'll need lots of topcoat to get it smooth. I've used 2 coats of Gelous and 2 coats of Revlon Quick Dry, and though it looks glossy I can still feel bumps if I touch my nails.

I got my bottle from Femme Fatale Cosmetics for $9 during their sale - they're usually $11 AU. I definitely would have paid full price for this, though. Smitten are based in the U.S. and have an Etsy shop. They're also available through Llarowe.


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