Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swatches: Mode Cosmetics Face Gone Purple

Don't ask me what's up with this name because I don't bloody know. I thought it was a weird typo when I saw it, but then I checked a few other bottles and they were all the same! What I do know is that when I saw this, I was reminded of Illamasqua's Velocity. I don't have it to compare them, but it's similar enough to squash my lemming for a polish that has been discontinued.

If I'd been careful, I probably could have gotten this opaque in one coat. Instead I did two to make it perfect.

It dries a smidgen darker than the bottle but it's still a gorgeous dusty medium purple/grape colour. Both pictures are without topcoat, it dries remarkably glossy. The tricky thing about Illamasqua Velocity is that it looks slightly different in each swatch I've seen. In some it's almost pastel, others it's more bright, others it's dusty and vampy just like Face Gone Purple. You'd have to be pretty lucky to find a bottle of Velocity now, so if you like the darker pictures of it, you cant go wrong trying this polish for under $3! Available from various pharmacies or from Heritage Brands Online if you're in Australian. If you're not, I'm always looking for new CP/swap buddies!


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