Monday, January 3, 2011

Same old eyes and nails

I wasn't going to do any sort of New Years' post - I didn't take any pictures of my night, or make any resolutions, but I'm still wearing and loving my manicure 4 days later so I thought I'd share!

New years' nails:

Mode Party Girl under Mode Glitterati under China Glaze Wireless.

Then because I'm a matchy-matchy freakazoid, I dismissed the 20+ purple eyeshadows I own, and mixed up another super-glittery one to go with the polish:

I don't remember exactly what I used, but there's definitely TKB Grape Pop and Fyrinnae's Immortality in there. I think I threw in another purple, and then some red and blue to brighten it up. Excuse the weird lighting - in reality it's a dead match to the deep purple of the polish combo :)

Anybody else not bothered with resolutions? There's lots of stuff I want to do this year, but I just feel like making the new year all about "OMG I WILL DO MORE STUFF" just creates unnecessary pressure. You can't magically break - or make- a habit just because it's January again. Take it one step at a time! It's easier and far more realistic.


  1. GORGEOUS nails!!!

    My New Year's Resolution is "explore."
    I am pretty stable in what I'm doing - both part-time job and study continue until well into 2012 - so I want to take time in 2011 to sit back and think / pray about what my goals are and what my aims should be.

    Like you, I currently feel that "I WILL DO MORE STUFF" would be really unhelpful at this point ... I already have plenty of stuff to do!

    Last year my official resolution was "eat more pain au chocolat" which I did :) probably only about 20-25 over the course of the year, but that's still more than previously.


    I was going to set some beauty resolutions because I saw some people doing great achievable specific ones. Then I decided against it, because I know I'll probably break them anyway XD

  3. GAHH that is my absolute favorite shade of purple!

  4. You guys are making me want to buy a purple holo now! I keep going back to my nail pics and going "Hmm, I really like that combination..."

    Eudoxia: Those sound like really good, sensible resolutions :) especially last years'!


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