Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: Savvy by DB (part 3)

Part 1 (lipstick) here, part 2 (nail polish) here.

Note about the nail polish: it wore for 5 days and has only JUST chipped. That is an absolute record for me! Also the location of the two chips (outer corner of my thumbs) lead me to believe I was bashing my fingernails against the Xbox controller during last night's Fable II marathon... So maybe the polish would have lasted even longer if I hadn't been all "MUST. FINISH. SPIRE. QUEST."

Liquid liner

Pretty standard packaging, but I was really surprised when I swatched this and instead of the pretty, creme purple colour of the bottle, I got a deep metallic purple instead.

The applicator was really weird - somewhere between a sponge and a brush. The liner dried really solidly on my hand - I mean REALLY solidly! It didn't budge when I rubbed it, I had to use a makeup remover wipe and scrub a bit to get it off. It was a bit worrying since I don't want to have to be too rough on my lids to get it off when I used it.

This stuff goes on wet. I don't mean like pixie epoxy or liquid foundation wet either - it feels like I just ran a sopping wet cotton bud over my eyelid. This stuff is so runny it spreads from a nice neat, straight line to a squiggly, bleedy one in about five seconds. After it dried it felt like I had paint on my lids - it was stiff and made my lashline feel really weird.

No mascara or other products on my eyes today, I curled my lashes and then applied the liner.

In my inner corner where I had made the line thinner and a bit lighter, the liner was... Cracking? Almost like the formula was separating on my lid. LAME. Two hours later it had gone crackly and flaky all over and looked awful.

Luckily I'd had the foresight to bring makeup remover wipes and my Sleek palette with me to work, as I had planned on testing the longevity of the liner. I didn't have to scrub at my eye like I had my hand swatch, but the liner didn't dissolve back to a liquid on contact with the wipe. It came off in little flakes like paint, which fell off my lids and stuck to my cheeks. After I got rid of all the residue, I lined my upper lids with some dark green shadow from the Sleek Safari palette - let me tell you, having soft creamy shadow on my lashline after that paint-y crap was so nice!

Conclusion? It may just be this colour, or that I got a bad bottle, and they ARE only $2.99, but I'm just not interested in trying any more of the Savvy liquid liners. This was an utter disappointment after the lipstick and the nail polish (which I'm still wearing and hasn't chipped after me typing a 1,000-word comic book review, Twittering and typing email correspondance for work!)

Pencil liner

I tried the BYS liners a few months back, and when I went to swatch them they were so hard and scratchy I just threw it out without even trying to use it on my lid. This pencil was a bit underwhelming - it wasn't horribly hard but I did have to go over my hand a few times to get it opaque.

I bought this in white to use on my waterline, which is a really tough test of a pencil. Too hard and it won't go on, too soft and it won't last. Pigmentation has to be perfect.

This is ok for a subtle daytime look, but I really wanted a bright, opaque white like Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk.

Because the Savvy liner is just a pencil, it doesn't hold shadows at all like the Nyx Jumbo pencils do. I don't own an opaque white shadow to layer over a pencil base anyway. The Savvy pencils have a smudger on the opposite end to the pencil and I'm really not sure why! Smudging something that sheer would probably take it all off.

If you're going to try Savvy, stick to the nail polish and the lipsticks. (I may or may not have gone and bought more polishes and lipsticks anyway...)


  1. Uck, too bad about the liquid liner because the color is so nice. I hate when liners flake like that after a short wear time.

  2. i think you probably got a bad product. i have great experience with savvy by db liquid eyeliners and love all the colors. they're the only thing i like from $2.99 stash. i'm surprised that they last a long time too - had them for about 6 months and they haven't dried up.


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