Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NOTD: Moonlight Hearts

This mani was an experiment, using two new polishes and some goooorgeous holographic heart sequins which I believe came with an Evil Shades order a while back. I've been meaning to use the sequins for ages, but could never quite decide on a colour to pair it with. In the middle of my white polish bonanza (a post on that later) I came up with this combo. It's not anywhere close to my usual manicure style, but after a month or so of treatments and some very careful, laborious shaping with my new glass file, I felt like I could pull off something a bit dramatic.

Three coats of a white creme from The Face Shop (boyfriend: "what's that colour called?" me: "these don't have names, they have codes." boyfriend: "that's boring. what's the code of that one?" me: "this is WH002." boyfriend: "woo two!")
One coat of Rokk96 Moonlight (I had intended to buy the white creme from Rokk as well, to compare, but this was the only whitish polish that they had out at Price Attack and it was SO PRETTY), which is an off-white with blue shimmer.
Blue holo heart sequin adhered with a generous blob of quick-dry topcoat, then brushed over with a thick coat of it. Edges still stick out a bit so I'll have to be mindful of them. I was originally going to put the sequins on my ring fingers, but I dented my right middle finger pretty badly and figured the sequin would cover it nicely.

The Face Shop polish is a very stark white, made sort of ivory/bone-ish by the Rokk polish. The blue pearliness is GORGEOUS, it's subtle enough to keep the focus on the hearts but just gives the mani a little something extra. Have not tried the polish on its own, I imagine it will be quite sheer.
 Moonlight in a bottle.
 The second photo is the most colour-accurate, the mani is a definite stark off-white with blue shimmer. It makes my skin look quite dark and olive, which I like. The sequins did start to get a bit annoying, since I fiddle with my hands a lot and the edges of them stick out quite sharply. I think it would have been a lot better if I'd put them on my ring fingers. I'll definitely do this combo again without the sequins, but only when I have a lot of time to spare - 4 coats of polish is a lot for me. It lasted really well through a day of light housework, no chips, dents or damage to the sequins at all. We'll see how it lasts through work today.


  1. I love the base color and the accent is very cute!

  2. Oh great, now I have nail envy! Is Price Attack a store or a new meme?

  3. Thankyou, Angel! I'm pretty sure I got the hearts from you, I remember you using some red/pink ones a while back?

    Hehe Tempestina, that would be an AWESOME meme, sadly it's just a hair and beauty shop!


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