Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: Savvy by DB (part 2)

Part 1 here.

(If my pics look a bit weird, it's because I just got a new lamp. I'm still getting used to it, it's very different from the old one).

Onto the nail polish! I picked this up because it was a beautiful plummy purple with BLUE duochrome shimmer. The brush handle is quite oddly shaped. I didn't find it too cumbersome, but some people might.

First coat went on quite fuschia, with very violet shimmer. Formula was fairly thin and a bit streaky, even over base coat. Second coat evened it up quite a bit, and the third transformed it into the deep, opaque plum of the bottle color. The shimmer remained purple - no blue to be seen, under either artificial light or sunlight. The resultant manicure was GORGEOUS anyway!

I banged my nails up a little overnight, and would have smoothed the mani over with a topcoat, but the only one I have is Orly In A Snap. When I put it on, MY TIPS WENT MATTE. I kid you not, I don't know what happened or why, it was really weird. Another coat of polish fixed it fine, so I guess... just don't use an Orly top coat with Savvy polishes?

Other than that, I really loved this polish - it's gorgeous, really glowy and eye-catching but still subtle enough for work or a fancy party. I'll definitely be buying more Savvy by DB polishes. $2.99!

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