Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: Picture Polish Revolution glitter base coat

Alright! I feel like I'm finally ready to review this, after testing it under a few different types of glitter.

A base coat that will make glitter polish removal easier without resorting to the foil method or one of those wacky little remover devices.

A base coat that will make glitter polish removal as easy as removing regular nail polish.

Revolution is a clear base. I didn't experience any staining while using it (even with those bleedy pigment type polishes). I always used 2 coats of product, which is what they recommend. It's a lot runnier and more watery than any of the other basecoats I've used, but does fill in ridges pretty well after 2 coats. I found it dried really fast. However, it doesn't play nice with the formulas of some nail polishes. I had no issues using Revlon or Illamasqua, for instance, but if I applied any Mode Cosmetics over Revolution after only 5-10 mins of dry time, I got big cracks in the Mode polish.

Mode Cool As topped with Femme Fatale Veil of the Siren
Not sure if this is total incompatibility or if I just need to let it dry for longer. This was a pretty big disappointment for me since I use Mode polishes a lot.

The instructions to remove (soak cotton pad in remover and hold against nail for 15 seconds) are extremely optimistic. I find the best results eventuate from holding the pad there for a minute or so. You will still need to scrub, but the glitter comes off a LOT easier than with regular basecoat. When larger pieces of glitter remain stubbornly stuck, I found I could actually use my other nail (I mean an orange stick! Bad blogger! Nails are not tools!) to scrape off the larger pieces and still have the base polish stick on the nail afterwards, which was a lot easier to remove and meant I didn't damage my nail plate by doing that.

Something about the ingredients mean that after removal, Revolution will leave little spots of weirdness on your nail bed. A swipe over all your nails with a clean pad soaked in remover will take off most of the left-over product. If you're naughty/lazy you can scrape them off.

Verdict? This isn't really the miracle product I was expecting, which means I was either expecting too much or something about my body chemistry meant it didn't work as well as it did for the many people who gave it glowing reviews. I definitely don't regret buying it since it makes glitter removal easier without the hassle of the foil method, but if you're going to buy this, DON'T expect to be able to get rid of all your glitter polish with a few easy swipes, because that's not how it works!

Revolution is $10 for 11ml of product and is currently sold out on their website. And Pshiiit Boutique. And Harlow and Co. But Nail Polish Canada have it in stock!

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  1. Oh, boo. It doesn't seem all that - I'd rather be able to wear any polish and just deal with the removal to be honest!


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