Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NoTD: Femme Fatale Incendius

Femme Fatale Cosmetics have recently discontinued and sold out of the following shades:
Glinting Lodestone
Sweet Surprise
Quivering Heart
Crimson Acolyte

Click here to check and see what's left of several other discontinued shades! A lot of them are from the original collection and are seriously gorgeous.

Shiny blue hexes!
I'm showing you Incendius today. I got one of the last bottles from Femme Fatale a few weeks ago. Usually I layer glitters over a base colour that matches it. One of the things I liked about Incendius was that it had a few metallic blue hexes scattered among the gold, orange and red that are the base of this incredible polish. I decided to try layering it over Mode Runway, a dark teal. I liked the result so much, my plan to glitter-fy just my ring fingers and thumbs turned into a full glitter mani.

If you've just fallen in love with Incendius, or are kicking yourself for having missed out on any other shade, GUESS WHAT?! Norway Nails still have them all in stock! You will, however, be paying around $30AU for a bottle, though. I actually missed out buying a full-size of Quivering Heart from Femme Fatale, so when I found it in the Singaporean stockist Beauty So Fly, I only hesitated a week or so before paying their similarly inflated prices for one of the 2 bottles they had left in stock. I've become quite the polish fiend lately!

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  1. Love it! this glittery nail polish is will def match any color. I wanna grab one of these.


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