Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review and swatches: Femme Fatale Cosmetics blush part 1

*DISCLAIMER: some of these products have been provided for review, and some I purchased myself.*

To swatch the blushes, I put some BB cream on my arm (to give the product something to hold onto) and then buffed on a fair amount of product with a blush brush. This gives you a good idea of the base colour. Face swatches are patted on over BB cream - I dip the brush into the product, tap off excess, and then stipple with the same blush brush so that the duochrome/shimmers aren't blended away. Hopefully this will also showcase the ways that application can make these products even more versatile :)


Site description:
"Light warm-toned rose pink with apricot undertones and golden shimmer. This blush has a lower level of pigmentation compared to our oxide-based blushes, and while it does apply well (especially over foundation or primer) overly blending will cause the colour to fade significantly. We recommend a light dusting on the cheeks for a healthy glow." Medium shimmer.

Dawnstar dusted over a pink cream blush
My thoughts:
This is almost a highlighter on me! Definitely a shade for paler gals.


Site description:
"Muted thulian pink duochrome shade with violet sparkles. Rebel is a soft and lightweight blush of which the colour can be built up to your liking." Duochrome blush.

Applied over Garnier Oil-Free BB Cream
My thoughts: gives a beautiful, natural pinky-red flush. You can very easily over-apply this one! I didn't see much of the violet sparkles when I used it, but I did blend it out pretty heavily.


Site description:
"Burnt orange duochrome colour with a hint of auburn, and has a subtle red shimmer throughout to accentuate your cheeks with a healthy flush (rather than to be a noticeable red shimmer). Aspect does blend down to a really soft burnt orange shade, which makes it suitable for both medium to dark skin tones." Duochrome blush.

My thoughts:
I adore the way orange/coral blushes look on me and this is definitely a favourite of mine. Richly pigmented so be careful when you're using this one!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics blushes come in three categories: medium shimmer, duochrome and mostly matte. You can get sample bags for $1.10 (same price as eyeshadow samples) or full size (10g) jar for $8.25. I reeeeeally want to try Snowplum, which is a matte purple blush. I also like the look of Fizzy Fruit, a shimmery coral. EDIT: Since starting this post I bought samples of both of those blushes and a few others, hence this post being part 1! I'll be swatching and reviewing the others shortly :)

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