Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review and swatches: Zoya Harlow

This was gifted to me, which is excellent because I never would have bought it myself and I LOVE it! The Zoya matte velvet range come in a frosted version of their regular bottles.

I can't find the official description for Harlow on the Zoya site (these polishes were released about a million years ago anyway) but I would describe it as a purple-toned magenta with fine silver shimmer. It's opaque in two thin coats, dries SO FAST and the velvet matte effect is just stunning.

Just ignore the ethernet cable in the background :P
The only issue I had with this lacquer is that, because you can't topcoat it without losing the matte effect and I use my hands a lot at work, it develops tipwear super fast. This is after one day:

However it also looks gorgeous with a shiny topcoat!

As I said I would never have purchased this type of colour for myself, and I don't really go for mattes that much either, so this is completely unique in my collection. I'm even considering hunting down some more of the matte velvet collection from Zoya.


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