Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cosplay make-up: Bronwyn Banner [genderbent Bruce Banner]

For Supanova this year, some friends talked me into cosplaying. The idea was to do gender-bent Avengers, but it didn't quite work out. Originally we were going to have a Thor, Lady Loki, Toni Stark and Bronwyn Banner (me!) however as the event grew closer our numbers dwindled. I had Toni for 3 hours on Sunday and did the rest of the day solo. Nobody asked for my picture. Oh well! I based my look off this promo image:

I had brown pants and a jacket already, and spent far too long hunting down the perfect purple shirt. It wasn't even 100% perfect, I ended up painting the (white) buttons with nail polish the night before.

Regular half:
Garnier Oil Free BB Cream
Frankened brow powder
Essence mascara
Sportsgirl bronzer
A tiny bit of Lauress Best Friend (creamy matte taupe) in the crease
Random brown eyeliner pencil
Models Prefer Moisture Lust lipstick in Salted Caramel

Hulk half:
Kryolan Aquacolour # (green)
Sugarpill Midori all over Kryolan to set/even
Lauress Rain Forest (deep matte green) for eyebrows and contouring (cheekbones, eye crease)

Contacts from Gloss, green single colour $24.95

This was a lot of fun to do, even though I think the effect would have been much better if I'd used a foundation brush or even a different kind of sponge - I did want a gradient towards the middle of my face but the whole side ended up being a bit patchy. It did last really well though, this is me at the end of the day:

My hands didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but I'll show you anyway.
The paint on my hands took quite a beating and it was my first time using a sponge to do a gradient, which is why it's so messy.

There was a LOT of amazing cosplay at Supanova this year and fortunately between Tumblr, Fruitless Pursuits and Facebook, I get to re-live seeing my favourites and even see some that I didn't see in person over the weekend. It was crowded!

I'm not sure if I'm going to cosplay again, but slathering Kryolan on my face was definitely fun.


  1. Man, that sucks about your group dropping out! If it makes you feel better, *I* recognised you right away.


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