Monday, September 3, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics: A tisket, a tasket Glitter polish

When my beloved FFC announced the arrival of glitter polishes, I was only just able to restrain myself and wait until I actually had money to spare to buy them. I got the mini 5ml size, which should be back in stock by now (Soph had a supplier issue). Next time I think I'll just go for the large size, these are SO GORGEOUS. I got a sample of one of the new eyeshadow shades with my order, which will be swatched in an upcoming post.

Site description: "semi-opaque white polish with green shimmers and various glitter in pink, teal and green."

My take:
Square teal glitter, tiny mint green hex glitter, larger lime green and bright pink hex glitter. Very cute! The white base is sheer enough that I think you could experiment with base colours - though I'd probably keep it to the pastel family. 
Swatched over Kit Cosmetics: New Attitude

You can absolutely get away with just your normal topcoat over this, it feels quite smooth when it dries. However if you're rough with your hands, glitter on the edges MAY get flicked off, so I would suggest either a few coats of thick topcoat, or a non-fast drying one before a finishing coat of a fast-drying one.

The large bottles are 15ml for $10.50, small bottles are 5ml for $4.

To give you an idea of size, here's a 5ml Femme Fatale polish as compared to a 15ml Colour Club:
Sneak preview ;)
Strictly speaking (i.e dollar per ml) the larger bottles are better value, but if you're a nail polish fanatic the smaller bottles are probably going to have less of an impact on your stash! My own polish collection is pretty modest (for blogger standards, anyway) so when Sophie releases more polishes, I'll go ahead and get the 15ml bottles straight away. Compared to other indie polish companies, Femme Fatale's 15ml bottles are very competitively priced, and for Aussies they have fast, inexpensive shipping. Non-Aussies, Sophie's working hard on getting international shipping set up!

Most importantly, the polishes are 3-free, and they don't smell like horrible chemical death!

Swatches of Quivering Heart and Star's Lament coming up soon :)


  1. Just bought some :) You, missy, are a bad influence and I love it. Your nails look fab.

  2. I am such a sucker for glitter. May have to get some more glitter polishes now.
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please see


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