Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silk Naturals eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstain

I posted about some Silk Naturals skincare quite a while ago, and I have swatched my collection of Kisser Slicker, but I've since ordered a few other things and realised I haven't swatched any of my eyeshadows, so here goes!

Eyeshadows (these are all part of the permanent line, I actually have a lot more than this through SN's GWP program, but those eyeshadows aren't available for purchase, so I didn't see any point in swatching them).

Wild Child - "bright orange with lots and lots of sparkles"

Loaded - "warmish tan shimmer with hints of pink"

Roam - "lightish green shimmer with hints of copper and silver"

Custom - "plummy tan with golden highlights"

Quick comparison: Custom, left and Loaded, right

Lip stain
Kiki - "deep plum"

Cream eyeliner
Film Noir - matte "black"

I'll do a proper review of the eyeliner and lipstain later on, after I've tested them. Also the eyeliner brush if it's any good. Silk Naturals don't do eyeshadow samples, but the eyeshadows are $4 for a pretty packed 5g jar, and you get a different 5g GWP product with orders over $10 (hence all my extra eyeshadows!)


  1. Kiki looks lovely! I have some other stains from them and they're my favourite!

  2. Great post, I love Silk Naturals! They make some really nice stuff.


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