Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eotd/Lotd: Berry Wine

Actually managing to get out of bed in time to do makeup for uni is quite an accomplishment these days. The fact I had time to photograph this look was an even bigger bonus!

I've started using this shadow placement a lot in daytime looks because 1) I like how it gives definition to the shape of my eye, but doesn't make them look too small, 2) keeping a nude/neutral colour on the inner corner, where I get creasing after 6-8 no matter WHAT primer I use, means creasing is basically not visible when it does inevitably happen. YAY! No more carrying around a mini brush and the eyeshadow I used that day, watching the clock and constantly scrutinising my eye makeup in a mirror when I should be working. Or having fun and not worrying about my face.

I've also decided to stop using white as a highlight. I just don't think it looks good on my olive-y skin at all. I have so many beautiful golden/beige/sheer highlights that there's NO reason for me to reach for white outside of a look that deliberately uses it (and that's not likely any time soon, heh).

Inner lid & highlight: shimmery beige franken shadow
Outer corner lid: Fyrinnae Mephisto with Aromaleigh Poison Poinsetta over the top
Lower lashline: Mary Kay eyeliner in Taupe
Mascara: ... don't remember, sorry!
Brows: frankened brow powder
Lips: Detrivore Cosmetics Coralline
Face: Australis Fresh & Flawless face powder and Sassy Minerals blush in Optimist


  1. I loooooove that lip colour. The eye combo is cute too, I'm seeing lots of neutral lids with colourful creases at the moment..

    1. It's definitely a practical one (and OMG I wish I could wear Coralline all the time).

  2. I agree with you about the colour placement, it is very flattering to your eye shape!


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