Friday, September 14, 2012

Detrivore Cosmetics: eyeshadows

I made my first order from Detrivore a few months ago. Review and swatch of the lip glosses is here. This post is about the eyeshadows!

I have heard lots of good things about Distorria's matte eyeshadows, and owning none apart from my Sugarpill palettes, I was very excited to receive two samples in my order (besides the full-size teal one that I ordered). I also purchased samples of two of the highlighters.


The samples come in bags with the company logo and shade name on the front, with a rectangular ingredients sticker on the back (Lewd actually had two of those, one on the front as well). The full-size is a 5gr jar with a sifter, and the shade name and company logo on the bottom (no ingredients list or weight). All of the stickers are paper, which I can see being a slight issue for the full-size jar (i.e the label getting wet and smudged or otherwise damaged). I kind of wish the full-sizes used the same label material as the glosses, which seemed slightly plastic-y and stood up to being rubbed with a wet thumb. But those are just small quibbles. Onto the swatches!


Dry swatch on bare skin (!)
Described simply as 'blue-green' on the website, I'd call this a deep teal with strong green undertones. Very smooth and pigmented.


Over Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk)
"Pastel purple matte".
Lilac with pink undertones. Sheer if applied without a base.

Swatched on Nyx JEP pencil.

"Pastel green matte"
Pastel mint - not bright enough to be true mint, but more of a soft, faded mint.

Orgy (highlighter)
"shimmery light beige"
WOW. I can see myself using this a lot. Its blends in with my skin to provide a soft, subtle sheen that turns almost golden at certain angles. Much better than me trying to use white shadows as a highlighter on my olive skin!

Left: Orgy, right: Lewd. Dry swatches on bare skin.

As above.
Lewd (highlighter)
"translucent shiny pale brown"
A bit too sparkly as a highlighter, nonetheless a really pretty, soft neutral.

By a ridiculously amazing coincidence, I purchased two of Illamasqua's cream pigments in a blogsale many months ago. The two colours I got were Dab and Bedaub...

(Illamasqua) Bedaub left, (Detrivore) Decay right

(Illamasqua) Dab left, (Detrivore) Plasma right
 Yep. Almost perfect powder versions of the Illamasqua pigments, which I haven't worn because they crease within an hour on my lids! Super awesome coincidence, yay! Pretty sure you'd be able to find complements for any other of the Illamasqua pigments in the Detrivore mattes range, too.

Did I mention these samples are very generous? I almost had spillage when I transferred them to jars. Detrivore is one of those companies who have rather long wait times but it's SO worth it. I'll definitely be ordering from them again. The website is really easy to navigate, though I know some of you won't dig the black background so much.


  1. Do a look with the creams and shadows! I really liked the Detrivore I got, I need to order a full size of Bone, thier matter white. It's pretty awesome.


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