Monday, September 17, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Glittering Lodestone polish!

Sophie posted this on the Femme Fatale Cosmetics Facebook page a fortnight or so ago:

I wasn't 100% sure on all of them but I KNEW I wanted Glittering Lodestone, so as soon as they were available, I bought the 15ml version.


This is pretty much all my favourite colours in one bottle and I ADORE the mix of glitter shapes.

One coat of Glinting Lodestone over one coat of Mode High Fashion

So it has:
Teal micro-glitter
Tiny round red glitter
Tiny square black glitter
Slightly larger round aqua glitter
Square purple glitter
Square grass green glitter
Royal blue hex glitter
Large teal diamond glitter

I freaking love this. If any of my international peeps want a bottle I'm happy to CP until Sophie figures out how best to ship internationally.


  1. This is gorgeous, I can't wait to recieve mine.

  2. That's a great one - I also got a tisket a tasket and ebon roses))

    1. I'd definitely be interested in seeing a swatch of Ebon Roses :)

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