Friday, August 31, 2012

Yet more Mode swatches!

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. Remember how I lost my favourite purple Mode Cosmetics polish during the move, and haven't been able to find a new bottle anywhere?


I have seen a few bottles of Mode polish that had the same name but were different shades, so I was a bit concerned that the bottle looked much lighter than the original bright medium purple I fell in love with. However, after applying it, the colour dried darker than the bottle and was exactly as I remembered it. I'm so stoked :) and it was the last bottle there! This is two thin coats.

I also picked up Bahama:

Coral-red with subtle gold shimmer. This is two coats here. Beautifully smooth, not-too-thin lacquer. I'm not a huge coral fan but it's a really gorgeous, summery colour.

Vicious Venom: a mix of lime green, silver and emerald green glitter in a green jelly base. I remember this and a red glitter coming out around Christmas time.

 Absolutely packed with glitter, it doesn't need a base colour at all. This was 2 coats, well shaken since the glitter does tend to settle/separate from the base. No topcoat used in these photos, so you can see that it does dry quite rough.

I'm SO HAPPY about finding Party Crasher again, it is one of my absolute favourite shades.


  1. Oooh they're all so cool! I love the colour of Party Crasher, it's really unique.


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