Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics is an Etsy-based store which has some of the most amazing packaging around - especially when you consider their prices! Although the sample vials look simply adorable, I've hear they're not especially practical, and I wanted to see the full sizes in person, so I just settled on one shade. I was still searching for teal shadows at this point, so I purchased Koi-eurism. It was $5 US and the shipping was an additional $5 US.

My order did not come with a sample, but no-where on the website or listing are samples written as being included with the order, and considering the intricacy and uniqueness of the packaging, I didn't mind at all.

Over Pixie Epoxy on left, dry and on bare skin on right.
Koi-eurism was a lot lighter than I thought it would be, and it's a very blue teal. On bare skin it goes on quite sheer. See it here next to Aromaleigh Giacinta:
Giacinta left, Koi-eurism right.
As beautiful as the bottle is, it's not hugely practical. I'm going to try and pop the sifter off after I've used it a couple of times - I don't want to risk spilling too much product.

Here's a reference picture to give you an idea of the size:
Aromaleigh full-size, Scaredy Cat, Sugarpill loose shadow

I definitely recommend Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, not only for beautifully unique jars, but because they have stellar customer service. My order actually went missing and Kelly so kindly sent me a replacement, which arrived safely. I'll definitely be ordering from them again. I have my eye on Orbital for my next purchase - not that I actually need any more taupes!


  1. Does the packaging make the price quite a bit higher than it would usually be, do you think? Because those are adorable, but buying makeup for the jar is kind of like buying a Happy Meal for the toy... haha

    1. Indie full-sizes range quite a lot in price. $5 is probably the absolute minimum I'd expect to pay, though there are a rare few (so rare I can't think of any off the top of my head) companies that offer full-sizes at $4.

      Scaredy Cat themselves at $5 are actually REALLY reasonable. Using the examples I photographed for size, Aromaleigh = $7 and Sugarpill = $12. Consider further the fact that Aromaleigh full-sizes are marked as 1.2 grams and the Scaredy Cat one says 4ml? Even taking into account the difference between jars filled by volume and weight (if the 4ml is volume, it might weigh less or more than 4g), that's still at least 3x more product!

      TL;DR the price is actually REALLY REALLY GOOD for the product alone. The jar is an amazing superbonus.

  2. Excellent! I will be checking this company out then, because despite the happy meal comment, i do LOOOOVE those jars. :)

    Love your reviews lately, they are sweet.

  3. Their jars are so adorable! I've never seen any colours from them that I've really wanted though.

    1. They do have a pretty small range. Orbit looks great, though!

  4. Wow, they have such amazing packaging!


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