Monday, August 6, 2012

Shiro swatches!

Intertubes! Eyeshadows! ALL OF THE THINGS.

This is a combination of several orders over the last few months.

Dance of Death is the first (?) colour of the month and by the time you are reading this, it will no longer be available. Sorry about that! If you like Shiro on Facebook you can suggest and vote for colours of the month and then maybe next time you won't miss out.

Beyond the Fence
I'm not a huge Hunger Games fan but I am a fan of green eyeshadow. This was a bit more olive than I was expecting - it's like a non-glittery version of Fyrinnae's Dressed To Kill eyeshadow. Which is one of my favourites, so I am glad I got this.

Majora's Mask
If you're like me and you own a ton of purple eyeshadows, GET THIS ANYWAY. It is loaded with gold sparkle and it's seriously gorgeous.

Enrichment Center
A free sample and it's a Portal colour. How did you know, Caitlin?! Soft, shiny sage green.

Forty Cakes is a creamy hot pink. Kind of barbie-ish. It is probably my version of MAC St Germain, since everyone raves about it, but every time I see it all I can think is "WAAAY too pale for me".

Team Buffy is a deep brown-plum red. I would say the photo is a bit less brown than it appears in person. I like building up the colour opacity a fair bit, but I imagine it can be worn sheer if you want something less vampy. Huuuur. It tends to settle into my lip lines if I'm not careful.

Nyan Cat is hot pink with gold shimmer that makes it almost coral. The shimmer is very present if you apply a good amount - it's borderline frosty, in fact. Here is Nyan Cat swatched next to Forty Cakes if you're worried about having too many pinks in your lip product wardrobe:

Swatches of older intertubes can be seen here.

Don't forget kids, be careful when using Intertubes because THEY STAIN!


  1. I love my Nyan Cat intertube. Only thing is I find that they have started to dry out.

    1. Mine too, I find my lips have to be moisturised before I put them on or they feel a bit drying. I think it's also to do with the cold weather?

    2. Defintely. I recommend a carmex moisturize before application, as pawpaw lotion or body shop lippies are too oily for the sheer colour in the tubes. Too bad I hate carmex lol.


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