Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Lanolips Swatches!

I walked into Myer to buy new stockings, and I walked out of Myer with new stockings, two new Lanolips glosses and three Revlon polishes (they were on sale, okay!) Read my review of Lanolips here, when I first purchased Apple and Honey. The Revlons I have already swatched.

I still haven't managed to get ahold of the elusive Rose Lanolips, but I loooove the look of Sunshine (right):

The bright coral-orange colour is pinkened by my natural lip pigment, but it's such a beautiful end result.

And though I'm not a huge fan of lemon, the smell of the Lemonaid balm/gloss is seriously yummy. The shimmer is extremely subtle - it actually shows up more strongly in the photos than it does in real life. In person the shimmer just makes it look extra glossy. Sunshine has the same sweet, honey-ish smell of my other two.

If you look closely, the little sheep on the Lemonaid tube actually has a lemon slice for a mouth. It's a bit weird, but appropriate.

Lemonaid was $11 down from $16, and Sunshine was $9 down from $14. Now the only Lanolips colours I don't own are Rhubarb, Mulberry and Rose - none of which I've actually seen anywhere, except for Rose, and I only ever see grungy gross testers of that floating around. I have a feeling Rhubarb would look a lot better on me than Rose would, though.


  1. Lovely review Jade :)
    FYI the full Lanolips range is available at

  2. Ooh, Sunshine is gorgeous! I haven't tried anything from Lanolips, but your swatches have piqued my interest!


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