Friday, July 13, 2012

Burnt Orange everywhere!

Suzanne gave me this lacquer, and I fell in love with it, not only because it matches my orange tights... but also because it was beautiful, pearly orange goodness in two coats.

All my orange lipsticks are a much brighter orange than this polish, but I applied Orange U Glad and blended some red lip gloss over the top, and voila!

I used a stippling brush with Sugarpill Flamepoint as blush, and did really simple eye make-up, so I didn't take any full-faced photos.


  1. Do you find with the Ulta 3 that a) the colour goes on great in two coats but is matte rather than shiny unless you do a top coat, and b) that even with a top coat, it chips off REALLY easy?


    1. I always always ALWAYS use topcoat, and Burnt Orange stayed on quite nicely for... 3 days, I think. Then I got bored :P what topcoat are you using? Some polishes and topcoats just don't work very well together.


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