Sunday, July 8, 2012

Attention, nerdlings!

Let's take a quick break from make-up and grab our X-box controllers! I spend a good part of the last fortnight playing THE SHIZ out of Skyrim: Dawnguard. If you haven't bought or played it yet, or you're just curious about it, I have posted a giant review over at my other internet home, It would mean a lot to me if you would go take a looksie. You can also share it on Facebook if you have nerdy friends there.

If you're a fellow Skyrim fan, here are some awesome things I found on Etsy:

From  here

 From here

From here

Back to make-up, did you know there's a company with a Tamriel eyeshadow collection? They're only shipping to the U.S. and Canada at the moment, and there's not a lot of reviews for the company online, but I've already been offered a CP from Heather, so I maaaay indulge when I have cash to spare. Which will not be soon, alas, because I lost my day job and I need to find another one. BOO, HISS. I'm going to go play some more Dragon Age II now.


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