Monday, June 28, 2010

Kill Shakespeare issue #2!

My cover (image from Kill Shakespeare's website and all rights belonging to them, obviously):

For those of you whose days of studying Shakespeare are long behind them, and to aid in my own keeping track, I had intended to create a little character list, but the clever boys of Kill Shakespear have already done it! Some of the characters on the page are not in issue 1 or 2, and a few minor characters from each do not appear yet.

I'm not sure if I mentioned the slow start in my review of issue 1. I feel that this series will definitely start picking up momentum in the next few installments, but having already introduced a few 'twists', I'm still keen to find out what happens next. Some of the character profiles have me very excited.

In this issue, Hamlet and King Richard III have begun their search for the mysterious wizard Shakespeare. Hamlet is dubious, both about their quest and chosen method of transport. He asks Richard how it is possible for him to "find a man I've never met, in a land I've never visited?" Richard's handiman Iago steps in, and gently reminds Hamlet that "to find something, one must first be prepared to look".

Richard's attentions are divided by the growing problem that  is Macbeth, whose disobedience threatens Richard's power. (Interestingly, Macbeth doesn't have a character profile up yet, but Lady Macbeth does).

A group of rogues attack the group's camp during the night, and Hamlet is separated from Richard and his men. A messenger arrives to tell Richard that Macbeth has withdrawn his troops from a crucial position. Richard decides to go after Macbeth, and he charges Iago with the task of finding Hamlet and Shakespeare. This turns out to have been not such a good idea...

My opinon of the artwork hasn't changed at all - I am loving the deep colours and varied textures.
Issue 3 will be released on the 10th of July - again, this is the U.S. release date, so us Aussies will have to wait a few weeks to get ahold of it.

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