Thursday, June 24, 2010

The day in which I spent money and had an interview

Except I wouldn't call it an interview. It lasted barely ten minutes! She's calling me to organise a trial next week. This whole thing is so odd. I got there a bit early, intending to snoop around the shop. It was a lot smaller than I remembered. There was a customer in there, so I had a minute or two to myself. After said customer left, I introduced myself, mentioning the fact I was early. I gave her my updated resume, and then she just started asking me questions about my availabilities and customer service knowledge. We didn't go out the back room, or sit down, or anything! If/when she calls me back for my trial, I will be asking a lot more questions. I also have to have a chat to the co-manager at my new job, to make sure that if I do start getting shifts at the boutique, it won't clash too much. I have no idea what will happen when I get back to uni... eh, one thing at a time!

Spending money
So after that odd little debacle, I went to Borders, and was stoked to find that they had Rob Kaay AND Christian Tamblyn's books! I bought them both, and picked up a notebook for JulNoWriMo. Isn't it pretty?

It's a hardcover, ring-bind notebook with lined paper. I  have to have lined paper in my notebooks, otherwise my handwriting goes all over the place. This notebook has LOTS of paper in it, and the rings are those big, black plastic-coated ones, so there's plenty of room for my pen to slide in. That reminds me, I need to find the pen I bought last week...

I didn't want to go home too early, so I went to a few shoe shops that were having sales. I have been trying to find a pair of black boots for winter for quite some time now. My old pair were a cowboy style with a pointy toe. I've had them for about 4 years so the inner sole was worn down, the toes were chipped, they didn't look so great and weren't very comfy either. Bring in the replacement!

(Do you like our lounge room rug?)

These cost $65, which is only $5 more than the old pair. I am so stoked, they were pretty much exactly what I wanted. I have been in love with the lace-up, ankle-height granny/military boot since they became popular again. However, Perth's fascination with leather meant that everything I found was $200+, or suede, or studded, or had a ginormous pointy heel. I will probably end up wearing these all weekend for SUPANOVA! And I can get my books signed by Christian, Rob and Marianne. I'm halfway through Silverbirch, started reading it as soon as I left Borders. I will do a proper review of them both when I'm done, but for now I must say: Silverbirch is trippy, and Rob needs a new editor. There were some apostrophes where they most definitely shouldn't have been.

Rounding off this ramble: as some of you may already know, this morning Kevin Rudd stepped down from his position as Prime Minister, and Julia Gillard took his place. That's right, Australia has it's first female PM! My thoughts on the matter (don't worry, there aren't a lot):
  1. It will only be a true milestone in Australia's history if Gillard is re-elected when Australians can actually vote.
  2. Reading about it online, I saw several comments pertaining to Gillard's appearance. To those people I have one thing to say: SHUT UP. Her hair colour has nothing to do with her skills and leanings as a politician. Don't comment on her childlessness either. Sure, we joked about John Howard's eyebrows, and Kevin Rudd's ears, but come on! Don't nitpick about her clothes, or her hair, or her make-up, it's got NOTHING to do with her involvement with the Labour party, her new position or her plans for the mining tax scheme. I don't care if you don't like her, or if you're disgruntled that Rudd was booted. Comment on her press statements, not her pantsuit (or lack thereof), please.
  3. Rudd started out really, really well. I'll forever admiring him for having the guts to say 'sorry' to the Stolen Generation. However, his tax policies... eh. Yes, the mining industry makes a ton of money, but that isn't all going into CEO's pockets. Increasing taxes so soon after the end of the slump was a bad move. A lot of men and women lost work because companies couldn't afford to keep independant contractors, take on apprentices and do as much building and repairs as they normally could. When the boom started, everybody heaved a sigh of relief. Proposing a supertax on a recovering industry? Not too smart.

In summary
Lots and lots of reviews coming up, I will do a post-Supanova... post, and I'll be putting up some bits of my own fiction writing, and some photographs. I was going to go out and do a shoot yesterday (just architecture and nature stuff, nothing fancy) but my plans got completely stuffed around! Also the zoom on my camera has gone a bit bonky. I need to find my receipt and check to see if it's still under warranty. It's more or less use-able, it just... has difficulty zooming out once you've zoomed in! The lens gets stuck and it makes horrible whirring-clicking noises. Poor camera.

More soon,


  1. i applaud you for standing up for Gilly. And I agree with you about Kevin. I think his dreams were bigger than he knew how to realise. Poor, silly man. And, I think it's great that Julia's not the kind of woman who will spend all her time getting her hair done or shopping, rather than running the country right. Maggie Thatcher wasn't exactly Jane Mansfield either and she was damned good.

    Sounds like you're having a great time! I love your notebook and I look forward to seeing it up close.


  2. That's kind of not surprising about the interview ... yeah, it's weird, but given how they were on the phone ...

    Do you have plans for quite what you'll be doing for JulNoWriMo? That's a really lovely notebook :) and I always find new notebooks help me to write better (until I have far too many of them ...).

    Cool boots! What colour are they? They look green, but also like they might be black (and funny lighting has tinted the photo).


    (And yes, absolutely, please can we have comments on politicians' ability to do their jobs, not personal appearance / family / etc)

  3. Elimy: I am so excited for Supanova this weekend! Counting down the days :) I'm going into the city today with a friend to scout out meeting places for JulNo.

    Eh, government and politics does my head in.

    Eudoxia: :P
    Yeah, I wasn't surprised, just a bit baffled. I'm wondering if/when she'll call me back, haha.

    I did not have plans for JulNo, at all, until last night. I came up with a title yesterday morning and then last night when I got in bed I came up with the blurb. I then had to get up and find my notebook so I could write it down, haha.

    I collect notebooks too :) I had actually worked my way through my current collection so I HAD to buy a new notebook. Well... I do have an A4 one knocking around, but that's not exactly a portable size, ya know? A5 is just perfect.

    The boots are black! Black shoes always look weird and greenish/greyish in casual photos, I find.


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