Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby's first nail-art

Due to the nature of my new job, I knew I needed to keep things somewhat conventional in the nail and make-up department. However, after wearing the gorgeously bright and occasionally UN-conventional selection Mode offers, I couldn't bring myself to do straight nude or red nails (as nice as Racy and Ooh Baby are). So I thought, what better way to be subtly different then to do some nail art, layering Arsonist over Racy?

Only problem with that, besides my complete lack of experience in the nail-art department, was that I do not own anything that you need for that sort of stuff. No Konad, no crystals, no glitter, nothing. So I improvised:

This is canvas tape. It's what artists use on their paintings to make sure they leave enough of a border for a frame. It's like masking tape, except the adhesive is really gentle, so it won't rip off your nail polish. All I did was put on one coat of Racy (red creme) and then, laying the tape diagonally accross my nail, I painted Arsonist (dark red/gold glitter) on the exposed nail. I let it set for a few seconds and then peeled off the tape. Voila!

I really like how this turned out (even though I NEED to put topcoat on my index finger). This tape will be very handy for tips, and I can forsee some stars, polka dots, love-hearts and zig-zags in my future. I may eventually buy a proper Konad or similar, but I think this will keep me entertained for quite a while!

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