Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swatches: Pretty Serious Daphne's Birthday Party

Pretty Serious turned a year old, and to celebrate, released a multi-coloured glitter polish!

Holy sparkles, Batman. Small round glitters in red, hot pink, gold, aqua, and grass green. The glitter is PACKED into the clear base, so if you want to wear it solo, it only takes a couple of coats to become opaque. I'm lazy though, so I decided to put a coat of DBP over my other Pretty Serious polish, BSOD (review and swatches here).

BEST IDEA. The dark base made the glitter stand out, but because the base is blue and also sparkly, I had a rainbow explosion on my nails. LOVE. IIIIIIIIT.

Because of the many colours, the layering possibilities for Daphne are endless. It goes on with so much glitter in just one coat, it's not one of those colours you have to ration or layer to use. It does dry a bit bumpy but a thick coat of Gelous and then a thick coat of Revlon quick dry smoothed it out. It still looked glossy even without topcoat because of the clear base. It wasn't gritty either, so I think if you don't mind a bit of texture you could wear it without too much on top.

I wore this mani for four days solid, it was so pretty. I wish I could have gotten some sunlight shots for you, but it's been well and truly gloomy in poor Perth lately.

Pretty Serious polishes are available from their website for $9.95 AU.

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