Monday, May 27, 2013

Review and swatches: Pretty Serious Colour Glosses

I reviewed two of the original glosses here and wasn't altogether in love with them, especially since they were so sheer. Well, Kaz reformulated them and added two more colourful glosses to the collection, and since cosmetics are currently discounted across the whole range, I decided to try them both!

The two colours are Into Dreams, a purple with pink shimmer, and Claris which is pink with gold shimmer. I don't own either of the polishes they were based on. Into Dreams is grape flavoured and Claris is cotton candy flavoured - unlike the polishes they were based on :P

The texture is much nicer on these glosses. They don't provide any moisture but they feel a bit thinner (in a good way!) than the glosses I tried before (review here).

Hand swatches:

Hmm… that’s a little… worrying. Claris has a lot of glitter and not a lot of colour for a product called 'colour gloss'. Into Dreams looks more pigmented (and smells AMAZING!). The sparkle in Claris has more colour than the sparkle glosses did, so that's a plus.

For colour reference purposes, here is a picture of my nekkid lips. As you can see I have a dark pinkish tint naturally:


Into Dreams:

Aw, man :( I wasn't expecting pigment levels on par with Illamasqua and Inglot, especially not for a purple lipgloss... but for a product called "Colour Gloss" I expected more than just a tint, you know?

If sheer is your thing, these are $4.95 from the Pretty Serious website. Personally I'll be sticking to their nail polishes from now on.

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  1. It IS a bit sheer but I do like Into Dreams, it's very pretty!


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