Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FotD: Coral Safari

Dark shimmery green from Sleek Safari Palette
Frankened brow powder
Shiro Cosmetics Rickrolled Intertube
Lanolips Sunshine lip ointment
Sugarpill Flamepoint as blush (with stippling brush)
Essence Maximum Definition mascara
Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover (medium skin tone)

It was one of those days where I wanted to do something with my face, but was feeling far too lazy for full eye make-up ;)

I had to be careful not to rub my lips together too much, or I got a lot of product movement which lead to colour shifting. I looooove the way coral/orange blush looks on me. I do own a full-size of Sassy Minerals (now Lauress) Optimist, which is a lovely coral-pink, matte blush, but the bright flush of Sugarpill Flamepoint carefully stippled on is something I just keep going back to. If you ever decide to use eyeshadow as blush (this will only really work with matte colours) and you use too much, you can easily buff some face powder over it to tone it down.

For reference, this is the colour I used from the Safari palette:


  1. I love the bright orange lips! Very summer-y! (Though I suppose it is not summer where you live right now.)

    1. Decidedly not, it's bloody freezing over here!


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