Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: ZOMG Smells soaps

I don't really do perfume reviews because I find scents to be so subjective... but Zomg Smells, one of my favourite indie perfumery companies, has started making soaps!

I purchased Nuee Ardente, one of my favourite perfumes from Zomg, as a soap. I loved it so much when I used it up, I re-ordered it, along with two other scents. Holly and Ariel sent two soap samples with my order :)

The soaps come wrapped in brown paper with silver stickers.

I sort of opened the other sample already so you only get to see this one.
The scents in the soaps are very close to their perfume counterparts, which is good. The scents don't linger much so you're not tied to using the same perfume as the soap you washed with, if that makes sense. The soaps are a very generous size and lather very nicely - they don't create an explosion of suds but it's a soft, creamy lather which you can easily shave with.

One of the other soaps I ordered was Spacebat, which my boyfriend absconded with. Spacebat is one of the soaps that has glitter in it. Just a quick note for the glittery soaps - they DO leave small traces on your skin after you've dried off, and once you've worn away the outer layer of soap you can really feel the glitter as well. It's a lovely scrubby scratchy feel but if you've got sensitive skin, or are one of those people who rub the bar of soap directly on yourself when you soap up, I would say maybe steer clear of the glittery soaps.

Nuee Ardente, unwrapped and smelling SO good
The soaps are $6.50 for a 3.5 oz bar, which I find lasts 2-3 months of daily showers. You can buy soap samples for $1 - they're actually a good size to travel with! If you have sensitive skin or want something specifically for shaving, they do translucent, round shaving soaps (in limited scents) for $5. I haven't tried these yet, but it does come in Three Blossom Cupcake which is a lovely scent, so I may grab a bar in the future.

Quick scent notes:
Nuee Ardente is a spicy, warm scent
Dr. Zomg's Suparlative Polytonic Mira-suds smells pretty much of cocoa-cola
Spacebat has very mellow, earthy sort of smell  

I'm definitely keen to try Brownie In Motion next, and I'll probably be ordering another perfume from Zomg soon as well. If you're at all into perfume I absolutely recommend you check them out - they have an extensive range of amazing scents and excellent customer service.

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