Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rimmel haul & reviews!

I should really stop filling my prescriptions at Priceline. I always walk out of there with 2-4 extra things, i.e makeup, that I hadn't planned on getting when I went in! Anyway, in the last few months I have bought a lipstick and an eyeliner from Priceline that are from Rimmel, and been gifted a lip gloss and a blush as well (as in gifted from someone, not given/provided etc for review. I'm not that lucky!)

Rimmel pricing at Priceline is pretty good - it's not as cheap as, say, BYS but it's definitely nowhere near as expensive as something like Bloom or even Kit. I would say that they fall within acceptable 'impulse buy' parameters.

The lipstick is from the Lasting Finish range, and is shade 166, simply named Temptation. $9.95

ignore the white line for now!

It's a slightly darker blue-based red with an almost metallic finish. It goes on very opaque, and slightly glossy, then stays on amazingly - as long as I don't eat anything I can go at least 4 hours without having to touch up (it loses its shine but the colour hardly even fades). It's absolutely non-drying as well . Whilst I wouldn't consider it moisturising per se, it's definitely one of the nicer lipstick formulas I've ever tried. Also it smells faintly of caramel in the tube. I can't smell anything once it's been applied. It's fairly hard to remove - it smears everywhere and leaves some glittery bits, but it doesn't stain.

The eyeliner is a Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil and is 071 or Pure White. $8.95

EWWW shiny forehead

now you can look at the white line!
It's probably a little bit harder than you'd want a "soft" pencil to be, but it's easier to apply than a Nyx jumbo pencil and has more colour payoff than Illamasqua Vex, which I originally bought to use for water-lining and doesn't go on my waterline AT ALL. This one does go on a little patchy, and tends to cling to my lashes more than my actual waterline, but for a cheap pencil I can't complain too much. It is still visible by day's end even with me sweating all over it!

The gloss is called Stay Glossy and is in the shade Endless Night. $14.95 (gifted) You can tell by the tube that I've had it a while!

and back to ignoring the white line.

Look at all those pretty little shimmers that don't show up at all in person! This gloss is not hugely pigmented, and because my lips are naturally beige-y it doesn't really add any colour to me. I have used this over a red lipliner to do a wear test. It stays on for a couple hours and leaves a nice moisturising sheen on your lips if you eat or drink. I also noticed the lipliner wore 'down' quite evenly under its gloss layer. The doe-foot is now a bit pinky but you can see it has a non-traditional shape.

It has a scooped-in portion on each side, kind of like those 'lip-hugging' ones, and is very flexible. I was quite sceptical of those new-fangled applicators, but it's actually really nice to use! Between the formula and the applicator, I actually went back to Priceline a few weeks ago to buy another, pinkier gloss which I promptly lost and so can't swatch for you.

The powder blush is called 04 Pink Rose. $9.95 (gifted)

This is probably the only packaging gripe I have - this one can be a bit hard to open at times. I guess if you're the kind of person who likes to touch up their blush during the day that's a good thing, because it means it won't open accidentally in your bag. Anyway, this is a light, shimmery rose-pink. I'm not great at undertones but I'd say it seems fairly neutral to me? It's fairly sheer and heavy-ish on the shimmer. It's a great blush to use if you're in a hurry, but I personally prefer my blushes to be either matte or have fine shimmer in them. The shimmer in this is a wee bit too chunky for me and becomes even MORE apparent when you try to blend it!. I have considered using this as a highlight (see above re: sheer and buildable) but haven't got around to that yet.

straight swatch

rubbed down

ohai freckles!

ohai pores!
IN CONCLUSION. Rimmel - lip products YES, blushes and eye pencils... eeeeeh. They do have some stripy bronzer/blush thingies out that are quite cute though.


  1. Rimmel Nail Polishes are also fab and sometimes as low as 5 bucks at Kmart. I'm glad you're enjoying Rimmel, we can be Rimmel Buddies. i agree about the lipstick, I have the Kate Moss Lasting Finish in Shade 11... and I CAN eat a little but cant drink.

    1. Sounds like I should go to Kmart more often!

  2. That blush seems super pretty! But I despise waterline liners that cling to lashes, they always do that for me. Your lip swatches are awesome, I'm jelly

    1. I'm going to be trying out a generic brand gel liner that I've heard is great for waterlining soon. Fingers crossed!

      Thankyou <3 I don't do full-face pics so I try to make sure I take good pics of everything else!

  3. Totally agree - the lip products are great! I also lovelovelove the brow pencils, but the rest of the range has never really done it for me.

    1. I'll have to take a closer look at the brown pencils then!


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