Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebration manicure!

Orly Old School Orange and Nubar White Polka Dots.

Sorry my cuticles are a big raggedy! I LOVE this combo. I might thin out Polka Dots a little so it's easier to get some of the larger glitter on my nails. The small glitter is a bit translucent, it's easier to see on some angles, then other angles it sort of takes on the colour of the base polish (which is why it looks gold in the pics).

I have a massive nail polish lemming list, including a lot of crazy glitters from some of the indie polish companies that have sprung up recently. However I'm making myself wait a little while - gotta go through my stash and use all my neglected polishes first! I think I need another orange though, maybe something a little deeper/more pumpkin-y than Old School, and hopefully something that isn't quiiiiite as sheer. This was three coats since I didn't want any VNL.



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